SPECIAL THANKS to Rimac Automobili, Manhattan Motor Cars, and the New York Auto Show for not kicking us out! LOL 😉


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  1. I see you with that wax pen fam lol

  2. 11:48 getting lit in NY lol

  3. That Spiker

  4. Why do you wear jungle wear…. para??

  5. Alejandro hitting that wax pen!

  6. there’s no trust. I never said it was closed lol. #savage

  7. 13:41 Jimmy DiResta ?

  8. that turbo was nothing special, all leather? bleh

  9. super vlog

  10. That "In Memory of" sequence was hilarious! lol

  11. tire kickers lol

  12. That porsche turbo is too expensive.

  13. haha we’ve just witnessed the death of a drone.

  14. Where is the rest of the NY auto show footage? You can release a video of just that footage for those of us who want to see, you know, cars.

  15. It’s official – Best food blog ever.

  16. the best pizza n new york is in queens

  17. i like the video, but disliked for the title

  18. Don’t pretend your normal by flying economy, you got 3! Rolls Royces!!! We all know your ballin with cash!!

  19. What’s the sing playing when they were eating pizza??

  20. Tell them that’s already an outdated hunk o’ metal, the 991.2 has been out a while, and its better. 320K for a yesterday-Turbo S? Meh! 😉

  21. So wait wtf did Farshad do before working with Alejandro

  22. The music selection in this video was really top notch – worked very well with what was being filmed. Do you guys have links to the tracks you used? Trying to find some of these on Epidemic Sound is tricky!

  23. big fan from puerto rico !!!!

  24. 300k for a turbo s lol yeah ok no moron will buy that

  25. Yo I was at manhattan motorcars on Monday too at like 11:30 that’d been cool to see you there

  26. That pen tho aha

  27. FROM SMOKING WEED IN A TESLA TO VAPPING IN NYC ….. how its changed !!!
    whos here sence the old times ??

  28. should drive to new york…make a video,ultimate road trip!!

  29. Hey Alejandro, that turbo would be the cheapest turbo in Singapore. The basic 911 starts at around US$400k ova yeerrrrrrrrr (In Singapore)

  30. how the FUCK did you guys not do a trunk challenge?

  31. McLaren 720S , thoughts?

  32. They got a tad bit stoned before they went and got pizza lol

  33. Did you just buy the pen from the instagram post I tagged you in? :’D

  34. turbo looks like a Tiffany box

  35. welcome to my shity city

  36. I feel like this food vlog is becoming a travel vlog

  37. There is no way the most expensive Turbo S in the world is water-cooled.

  38. Why film in portrait

  39. classic Car club Manhattan doe

  40. 11:50 Alejandro is stoned in all of these videos, confirmed as fuck

  41. can someone tell me the name of the track in the beginning of the video

  42. make a trip to Europe

  43. I don’t think you realized it, but you guys were getting SVIPE all day

  44. That pen tho aha

  45. Anyone know the song at about 14:45?

  46. Farshad looks like a gay pedophile with that bag.

  47. Evans really did a good job editing these

  48. whats its that bloom pen

  49. Very nice editing. Well done. Thank you. Enjoyed it. 🇺🇸😎🇺🇸

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