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  1. Rather have a jaguar SVR. I’ve been in one and done 100 MPH and it feels and sounds great. The interior and options are endless. The 911 also looks ugly compared to the SVR.

  2. Jaguar is a joke

  3. Germans say 911 series are proof that we can always make a better.

  4. this is not even the turbo S

  5. Who cares jaguar looks and sounds better. Give jag launch control then see who wins

  6. bloody WOW!!!!

  7. Z06 can do the mile at 184…

  8. Nice.. I would still go for the Jag. It has a soul.

  9. I love Jaguars… but this is no contest

  10. Ok but :
    – Porsche = vacuum cleaner
    – Jag = FREAKIN THUNDER !!!!

  11. The Sound of the F-Type is really! 2 times better than from the Porsche!!

  12. That was even 911 turbo !!! let alone the 911 turbo s

  13. Nothing spcial, Rear engine is the key , Porsche Always wins because of that

  14. i don’t care, the SVR sounds amazing so I’ll take it 🙂

  15. If you want to beat a 911 you’ve got to have +100hp or more because if you put a 911 against another car with the same horse power the result will always be the same.

  16. Jaguar claim that F type r can go to 0 to 60 in 4 seconds but I’ve seen a video where it goes 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds so this screen that claims to go 0 to 60 in 3.5 should be able to go about 3.3 or 3.2 seconds it still would have lost but next time you should retake the race a few times to ensure the cars reach there best.

  17. you literally show the winner at 00:26

  18. Just imagine, Ferrari 488 GTB does 0-125 mph in 7,5 seconds.

  19. Another Auto Express – "Lets pitch a more expensive Porsche against a cheaper Jag and see which wins" 🙄 Shocked
    I’ll take the better looking, better sounding less common SVR and the £17k for a few nice holidays please!!

  20. my 1987 4×4 Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth with 880bhp will eat any Porsche past or present for breakfast,matter of fact anything the Germans have to offer up ,already beaten my mates bmw, porsche, astons, gtr. Ford won nearly all the races it entered with a similar 600bhp car in the 1980’s beating the world , no launch control, computer control, suspension stiffened from inside the car etc. A big PRAISE TO Jaguar for having an 80’s supercar, the XJ220, with a top speed the Germans including AMG took over 30yrs to achieve, big up to Jag engineers once again.

  21. Jag looks great though. Thank you for the race

  22. The SVR times in this race are no different to the regular F-type R. Maybe you need me to drive it!

  23. Porsche may b fast but it looks ugly n cheap n weak n ladyish on the other hand Jaguar bold and attractive.

  24. This is dumb test turbo cost 161k jag 125k smh jag still looks and sounds better

  25. still absolutely prefer the jag

  26. i like the looks of the f type better but the 911 has back seats for my hoes

  27. No way in hell this does a 26.4 in the mile, I call major bullshit, A Veyron does [email protected], So yeah i call bullshit.

  28. Jaguar verliert aber auch jedes rennen…. bessere traktion!!!!!!!

  29. pega não

  30. nobody is surprised

  31. that jag driver was fucking bollocks,

  32. lovely Germanycar ! German cars are the best

  33. Jaguar I love you, but please put the engine behind me, not in front. AWD? wtf?

  34. I still like the f type lol

  35. Weight is obviously the problem with the F-Type SVR in a drag race. Even if it was against the 911 GT3, it would still lose. I’m finding the SVR a confusing car. Is it really different enough from the standard F-Type V8 to justify the £23,000 premium?

  36. Does anyone else think that the F-Type looks like a mix of an Aston Martin and a Corvette?

  37. sorry jag

  38. Love Jag 💗

  39. 51 seconds in, and i think the Porsche is going to smash it.

  40. just me or does the jags rims look like a pair of aventador rims?

  41. Why wasn’t the Jag’s one mile speed given?

  42. god even photography kpcpiy river much knife.

  43. 60 in 3.8 and the ton in 8.8s is pretty slow. with the specs it has the jag should do 100 in ~7.5s Max 8s.

  44. These people are stupid AF..why would u race an f type with a car 0-60 less than 3 sec

  45. I’d still buy the Jag. I’ve driven a 911 Turbo (2012 500hp) and they were (Like BMW is now) stupid fast but not engaging unless you push it to 9/10ths (which I imagine is scary on the road and illegal). I feel like you could at least get the sensation of going fast in the Jag more than you can with the Porsche for everyday use. I totally understand why people would want the Porsche over the Jag. I guess that’s why they make both cars and we have choices. lol.

  46. Porsche launch control plus PDK means total domination

  47. For an extra £16,925 cost of the Porsche……

  48. RIGHT JAGUAR, LISTEN UP! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I’m the biggest Jag fan you will ever meet – have been since I was 7yrs old and I’m 46 now. You kept me waiting a lifetime for the F-Type and when you do finally get around to it, it would have suited the 7yr old me better. Electronically instigated pops and bangs are just what a child is looking for! I want MY F-Type to be the fastest and most advanced car of it’s kind on the planet – just like it’s dad was. It’s time for some harsh truths now, I’m afraid. Where is F-Type’s front end styling, launch control, dual clutch MANUAL gearbox……and 650BHP ??? Did you run out of ideas or money? Either sort your shit out, or get out of dodge…..there’s a 911 gunning for you!  AND GET BACK TO LE MANS, YOU MUPPETS – YOU MIGHT RELEARN HOW TO BUILD A TRULY FAST CAR.

  49. That porsche is something else blimey!!!

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