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  1. LOL. Love the computer’s german accent:
    "Welcome. Please fasten seatbelt"
    "Reduce speed. Pedestrians ahead"
    "Driver alert. Construction ahead. Reduce speed now!"
    "Reminder. Unsafe driving will void warranty!"
    "Congratulations on safe journey!"

  2. The BMW 7-Series (E38) was well ahead of its time. Now 20 years later, it still looks both "classy and menacing" than most modern executive cars.

  3. 大人になれ007・・・

  4. back when Bond was fun and cool!

  5. jumps through window.. Welcome please fashion seatbelt, wish I-drive had that know

  6. I thought it would be cool to see a Bond film with Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan as Bond and title it Double Agent or Two with the Same Gun.

  7. Could anyone explain what tying that rope would’ve done? Would it have stopped the car? Surely not right?

  8. I like how he takes the time to put the rockets away after each use.

  9. The last line said by the GPS lady is the funniest, considering what Bond did with the car for the last 5 or so minutes.

  10. This is one of the best Bond Car chases

  11. OOOOOOO different rims on the car at 2:10 haha
    but seriously my favorite Bond Car chase and one of my favorite cars too!

  12. Why didn’t the rockets work against the garage door?

  13. I don’t like the new James Bond, this is way better. Q is also annoying as shit

  14. Natalya’s "boys with toys" suddenly comes flashing in with the awesome cellphone.

  15. i was looking up self driving cars as a search term thinking it would give me teslas but instead i got this lol

  16. He quite possibly could be the best bond….

  17. James Bond – Tommorow Never Dies – BMW Car Chase

  18. And who said BMWs aren’t reliable?

  19. This was filmed in Brent cross shopping centre in London, not in Germany.

  20. Re inflates tires then smiles 😏

  21. He has amazing skills eh? Never practiced or trained using the car yet he can control it under pressure. Probably had all the RC cars when he was a child? LOL

  22. Nice fucking quality, which fucking pixel is the BMW?

  23. 2:25 me with an RPG on gta 5

  24. That face he pulls when his tyres re-inflate 🙂

  25. expert gamer! but he sure would lose on stealth..

  26. Fun fact: The parking garage where this is filmed was actually located at a shopping mall in London.

  27. The music, the car, the EVERYTHING…

  28. Want ultimate car race gaming,here you go!

  29. Top 3 car chases
    1. Spy who loved me car chase
    2. Tomorrow never dies chase
    3. Diamonds are forever chase

  30. For me as a german, it sounds hilarious to hear the german dialect of the bot in the BMW XD

  31. Entertaining. But the redundancy of this scene is overwhelming. He wasn’t in immediate danger until the henchmen saw him getting ready to jump into the car.

  32. Like a good neighbor Avis is there and it’s total

  33. Best part of the movie 4:03… like nothing happen lol

  34. so crazy now this is real now with bmw 750i 2016

  35. And yet even after Q designs this car to not be destroyed it gets destroyed anyways

  36. Great except he killed three people renting a car, oh wait he honked the horn so I’m sure they got out.

  37. bond driving a GERMAN car… 😠

  38. 4:01 ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa.

  39. we need more videos

  40. sucks when new is better aye oldies? daniel craig killed the roll as james bond, hes the best actor

  41. To be honest, that was pretty irresponsible and dangerous of Bond to send a car careening off a rooftop down onto a busy unsuspecting crowd of civilians, he could have crushed and killed so many people lmao

  42. He returned the car…

  43. Not sure if this scene was advertising all the useful features of the car or if the car’s features are just too convenient for everything the bad guys threw at him. XD

  44. Kaufhof in Hamburg is still existing. AVIS not. Hamburg 20 years ago 😉

  45. Car returning level: Like a boss…

  46. New windscreens, buff out the bullet marks, replenish ammo, new leather, good as new.

  47. That chuckle at the end plus when the tires were refilled with air… what’s the point of having all the toys and then when using them not feeling nice and having some fun at the expense of all the goons chasing you?

  48. I love that in this movie, the bond car was SEDAN. Very different to other sports cars in other films. It was something different and cool!

  49. I wish I had that car

  50. 3:50 "sorry guys, I’ll pay later"

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