Japan’s Retro Car Kings – Saving Classic Japanese Automotive Culture

Saving Japanese Automotive Culture Through Restoration & Transformation
Article Link: http://www.downshiftmagazine.com/2013/02/an-indepth-look-at-japans-retro-car-kings/

A unique look inside the shops, hearts and minds of five of Japan’s most talented classic car tuners, restorers and re-imaginers; Japan’s Retro Car Kings. A 45 minute journey through some of Japan’s most influential and trend setting automotive culture, an inspiration for preservation, restoration and restomodding classic Japanese automobiles like the influential S30 Z-cars and KGC10 Skylines.

Discovery Turbo (クルマ特集トップへ) presents a rare look inside five of Japan’s most talented classic car tuners; Moon Auto, T.A. Auto, Rocky Auto, RAUH-WELT BEGRIEF, OFFICINA ISHIKAWA and the Nissan Heritage Collection. A journey through some of Japan’s most influential and trend setting car culture, showcasing classic Japanese automobiles like the Skyline GT, Datsun S30 Z, and many more!

Produced by: Jesse Stern
Executive Producer: Dean Johnson
Director of Photography: Jiro Akiba
Special Consultant: Dino Dalle Carbonare

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  1. Did not expect To see Nakai San From Need For Speed but i Recognized him right away, His a good Character In the game

  2. Dino from SpeedHunters❤

  3. +Leslie huang ; "and shit"

  4. That Mercedes looks amazing

  5. Ooooo  Danielson…You no like Tok Yo drifff ?!

  6. With all the crap car shows on Velocity and Discovery can we get just ONE show based in Japan, please?

  7. Modified all day but didn’t see any turbos all webber cabirators even the RB26 had cabi on it funny

  8. Its like their art of handmade kitana’s nowadays has transformed to fine handmade car modifications/restorations.

  9. naki san NFS 2015

  10. Props to the man who can get beautiful cars out of scrap, the workmanship, the curves of the old fashioned bodywork, that raw sound from an old engine is the true drug of car enthusiasts, wether it be motorcycles in two or four stroke, carb or digital injection in cars, old school is where the heart is in classic vehicle ownership, honestly guys like him are unique and it would be a crying shame of old cars didn’t exist anymore, I don’t agree with cramming as much power in as it can handle (or barely) as they where built to go as fast as possible with the safety in mind yet the stock engines in Fairlady’s where fast enough to kill you then

  11. Those Alfa’s at the beginning aren’t Giulias. I can’t believe they let a moron who knows nothing about cars do the voice over. THey are Gt Juniors.

  12. Hakosuka is my dream car if i had the money also for a rb26 or l28

  13. more

  14. OK I’ve determined that either the Japanese always speak in a very simplistic manner or its hard to translate japanese so the subs are super simplified

  15. I find it interesting that the Japanese use so many English words in their language, for example "stop", surely there must have been a Japanese word for stop before English contact? So why do they say "stop"?

  16. salute

  17. I understand why people like original & swear their life on it, but I don’t understand how you can not like modified cars.

  18. Classic Japanese! This must become a thing.

  19. Hmmm…from the title I was expecting a few classic Toyotas, Hondas, etc. They did toss in a few token Datsun/Nissans but other than that it was more classic European automotive culture.

  20. omg…. same shitty quality on this channel too… wtf

  21. Watching this right after the Magnus walker documentary

  22. Japanese Cars are freaking invincible.

  23. すんげーいかった。

  24. This video has made my heart Alive.I have classic heart

  25. Really interesting, but sooo repetitive! The same information could have been covered in a ten-minute feature!

  26. Love the Japanese Classics Cars 🇯🇵😃👍🏻

  27. WTF where’s the damn Jap vehicles

  28. I agree with mr. yoshiya watanabe’s belief

  29. How can one get in this line of work?

  30. @ 18:53, did any of us actually expect it NOT to start?

  31. Let the Japan cars rust away they are ugly a all japs cars are bad

  32. anybody know the song at 22:40?

  33. Great upload… thank you.

  34. why do people say asains cant drive or shit..(or is it specifically chinese people) ???smh all americans no what to do is drive in circles or in stragith lines lolol

  35. RWB!!!! <3

  36. I love this video, I’m sure the Rocky Auto vehicles are expensive, but if i had the funds, i would definitely be in line for one of those old 2 door skylines….

  37. Is there any place where i can watch this in at least 720p or 1080p? I love this film!

  38. Can anybody tells me the NAME of BLACK CAR at 30:34 in the 1965 Ford’s Mustang Background??

  39. Made in Japan the most reliable

  40. I want more of this Video! 🙂

  41. RWB中井さんありがとー!!

  42. This is a great cause old Japanese classic cars need to be retro fitted and into the car community they are so cool. I love my Datsun 620!

  43. stagith… lol

  44. What the hell is this hand job? So, some zipperheads restore cars, why is that worthy of note? The Japs have always been meticulous, should it surprise anyone they restore cars that way?

    I do find it amusing listening to this Jap talking about how amazing it is that he ‘recreated’ the side cove of the 1965 Mustang. Was his car’s side coves missing? So horribly misaligned that it was ‘amazing’ that he fixed it?

  45. It’s really interesting how they look like muscle cars, but they’re not.

  46. Paradise

  47. "i think it’s really fun to drive this cars" > japanese art to speak! is it – or is it not?

  48. Restoring Alfa romeo haha .. allways something to do there then :-p..

  49. Nope, just a bunch of Japanese Classics being ruined (×_×)

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