Jeep Cherokee SRT-8 vs Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 vs Porsche Cayenne Turbo Evotech at Unlim500+

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  1. the srt8 folded the mirrors for less drag lol

  2. Ёбаная проститутка. Совсем стыд потеряла. Хоть бы мешок на голову надела штоле.

  3. Why would you buy one of these when you can buy a 911, a Carrera, an M3, a WRX ,etc. These are both fucking gay ass minivans.

  4. Who gives a damn about electronic countdown clocks !!! Bring the girls again !!!!!!! 

  5. we used to race on the beach like this in the 50’s

  6. Love those Russian Girls 10/10

  7. Как чику зовут?

  8. lo único bueno del vídeo es la vieja mmmmmmk

  9. did you have a point? or did you just have to get a word in? 😛

  10. Hey nice girl and awesome cars!! 😉 You clearly can see: The american car is designed for fast acceleration up to 60miles while the Porsche can reach Autobahn speeds accelerating longer to higher speeds! 😉 That’s the difference, two concepts!
    We are also featuring SPORTS CARS on our CHANNEL. We have for example the PORSCHE CAYMAN driving around MUNICH DOWN TOWN or in BASEMENT PARKING LOT in GERMANY… have fun, guys,  see you! 😉

  11. 0:15 to 0:21

  12. Drink vodka and bring naked women .

  13. She has a decent camel toe there.

  14. Was that quarter mile?

  15. russian girls fuck your cars

  16. That bitch needs to learn to start a race

  17. After owning both and loving Jeeps all my life, I can honestly say the Porsche is so much better made. Regardless of the finishing result.

  18. good thing I was not driving. with that girl there i would have never come off the line without her!!!!!

  19. that video is not real the miles don’t show up if u have late start doesn’t matter it counts time how long you need to finish.

  20. Those givs very fun coments one of them wen cols porshe annd cheeroki by traktors and ol the time joking abaut ic other cors to whas this drug members and abaut driver !realy funny jokes

  21. Кай, на 200+  – как швейная машинка, SRT – только по прямой и никаких "шашек".

  22. I would put my face in her ass

  23. ИДИОТ БЛЯТЬ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. the flaps on that!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Yeah…..I came here to see over powered soccer mom haulers run down the truck…..right…..TITTIES!

  26. hey why chic run away damn

  27. And of cors abaut gers ass!

  28. That was one hell of a race. I’d like to have seen the American ride win although I was fairly certain it wouldn’t, it put up a good fight. In my estimation the Jeep was winning or about tied at the quarter mile. I know I ran about even with one on the highway and was surprised with it in my M6 LT1.

  29. Thumbs down for the gay russians.

  30. Lol Porsche "Cayenne Pepper"…

  31. That was crap srt is way faster they cheat

  32. wait I came here to see skinny girls not russians talking.

  33. Yeah, this was a real race

  34. I know right, I’d have kicked his ass in a real race like this not stay even in 1 gear. lol I think the ‘real’ race would be light to light or a normal on the street scenario, not a half mile or whatever. Or a from a highway speed rolling start. The Jeep would own anywhere around town or likely anywhere in your town.

  35. I came for the sexy chick…

  36. Fuck the cars. The girl won.

  37. porshee быстрей

  38. Porsche gets the bitches!

  39. Телка класс!!! 

  40. Like, if you opened this video for that bitch.

  41. Niet tavarisch…..pierestrojka!

  42. чурко гонки..как клево

  43. Миля?? Да обычно на 400 метров заезд, и черокки в стоке!!! Думаю что если чуть тюнинг сделать, порш будет курить в сторонке!!! Хеми рулит!!!

  44. девочка сладкая))) отдайте мне её

  45. Porche turbo is 30k more than the Jeep SRT8. lol

  46. Porsche’s turbo kicks in super late. I want to see a Magnum Supercharged Srt8 vs Turbo Panamera.

  47. А че за агрессия то? человек просто написал что наш язык забавный!

  48. дайте бутерброд телке…………схудала

  49. that jeep got short breath …

  50. I got a 2012 and all for rims are chipping. cheap made and they will not fix it. (Don’t buy) They will screw you!

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