Jeep Driving in the Snow Avoiding Stuck Cars

I DID STOP AND HELP STUCK CARS, JUST NOT THE ONES SHOWN IN THE VIDEO. It wasn’t safe to stop and get out in the shots shown in the video, cars were sliding around like pinballs and I didn’t want to get hit.


We had almost 9″ of snow during morning rush hour on my way to work. Boy was I glad I was driving my Jeep! My Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with 35″ Goodyear Duratrac tires did awesome in the snow. The first shot I tried passing a line of cars in an empty lane but quickly discovered why they were stopped. I had to bail over a few medians. Later a black SUV goes around a stuck car and gets high-centered on a median. My Duratracs and truetrac locker were amazing in the 9″ of snow we got in 5 hours.

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  1. Not even a road but ok

  2. lol one mans hell another mans paradise

  3. Pretty handy to have a vehicle like that in these conditions!

  4. Got to love our Kansas City weather…

  5. the dislikes are from non jeep owners

  6. Do you guys not have plows where you live?

  7. What brand and tire size are you using

  8. right now we are getting 60 cm of snow

  9. 1:50 Thumbs down.

  10. this is badass

  11. When are you gonna shift into 4 wd?

  12. That’s awesome, we got cheated on snow this year in Arkansas.

  13. Great video!!!!

  14. 1:44 lol thats to suck, i hope he or she didn’t bust the oil pan……

  15. Wrangler, I presume?

  16. Yeah boy!!! Jeep nation!

  17. God I wish it snowed where I live like that. I’d drive my Jeep all day just for the shit of it. All we get is a centimeter which melts the next day.

  18. Most of those people should have never been out driving in that, especially in a car. Were there no plows on the road that day?

  19. I guess the people of that area are regretting cutting snowplow funds now, eh? lol

  20. Ah the joy of owning a Jeep! Never getting stuck in snow, safe from idiot drivers! Keep on Jeepin’ Brother! is that a TJ?

  21. What state is this in???

  22. Drive right by them .. As stated below most of these idiots should be home and not blocking the streets .. You may be the good guy and stop and help a couple but you can bet your ass they will sue the shit out of you if given half the chance .. Let em sit, it is good for the wrecker business .. Trump and the weather out creating more jobs .. Make America Great Again ..

  23. I have the same tires up here in Canada. 9" of snow in 5 hours in a Tuesday morning for us. These tires still hold up great! The only difference is when we drive by someone that is stuck (their doing or not) we pull them out…

    We had a storm here a few weeks ago where we got about 1’8" of snow from 10pm to 6am, and the Jeep club had about 60 volunteers to drive critical care workers to work (nurses and doctors mostly). That was a fun day! It was like an excuse to break the law! lol

  24. Ездил и смеялся, не хорошо так

  25. It’s not his responsibility to help people who shouldn’t be driving their lil 4cy FWD car in a damn blizzard when they will just get stuck again.

  26. I never cared what the other people did and I helped them at least once. that was enough for me. if they got stuck again I afford a ride at least.

  27. The least you could do was ask if they needed help but other that that and maybe another camera view this was really cool maybe you should make one when you disingnate a day to go pill people out I’d watch for sure!!

  28. Jeep life

  29. People do not realise the modern American SUV peddled in the United States of America is little more than a minivan. Only the Jeep Wrangler remains. I am certain Fiat will be ruining it soon. I snatched up a TJ and a JK before they ran out. The JL is coming out this year. Who knows what that will bring.

  30. Even though I’m a toyota guy I love jeeps. I always have and always will. I’m currently looking into buying a 2 door jeep around 2005 or so that’s been kept mostly stock. Planning on putting 35s with a 4 inch lift on it. Those Goodyear duratrac tires are awesome aren’t they? I’ve had pretty good luck with mine but currently running cooper’s on my tacoma.

  31. I like when I went into a ditch my boss slid into and he was warning me not to go down into it. He was saying, "If a Hummer can not do it, your old Jeep could never do it. I went down into the ditch, got the things he had in his Hummer, loaded her up as well, and drove right out. She does not like to speak of that day her expensive hummer got stuck and my old, cheap Jeep rescued her and her groceries. But she thanked me a lot.

  32. idiotic plow drivers are too lazy to go out

  33. He probably didn’t realize that everyone was playing freeze tag 😉

  34. That fucking wipper though!!! Jesus!!!

  35. Jeep couldn’t pull a stuck car out of the snow anyway, no wonder he doesn’t pull over to help!

  36. What city?

  37. Well folks, there’s your answer why Jeeps and 4×4’s are the first to into accidents when it snows.

  38. my little mazda 3 hatchback (lowered) with winter/snow tires non studded works very well in winter conditions. it can easily take a awd 4×4 with all season in the snow. winter tires work wonders

  39. this my first winter with a jeep in NewYork City. i cant wait!!

  40. what is he douchebag about? why don’t those douchebags on the road care about getting winter tires in the first place? why are they even trying to drive in snow? that would be stupid if he helped them.

  41. I was gonna comment something like "wow what a dick he should’ve helped them", and then I realized i probably wouldn’t help anyone either. Like fuck that I ain’t no rescue service

  42. i love how this guy doesnt give a shit about the road rules. If you cant see the road, the rules dont apply

  43. Bahahaha..I loved this video. I live in Idaho and we had a BRUTAL Winter Here. People were stuck left and Right. Giant mess. I just laughed my Ass off Driving around in my Jeep With No problem. Kinda doing what you were doing. People Asking…HEY MAN, CAN YOU TOW ME OUT???? Nope, you shoulda bought a jeep instead of a Lexus. HAHAHAHA..Great video👍

  44. Are the thumbs down by the special snowflakes who hate people who are prepared?

  45. jeep get stuck too

  46. Soooo nice to own my 2010 RUBI

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