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  1. Че за постанова?! не мог он порше 911 обогнать. Он на 2 сек медленне разгоняется до сотни

  2. Jeep The Best!

  3. damn

  4. Цвет срт просто бомба!

  5. мустанг в очередной раз доказал, что ахуенен.

  6. mustang i love you

  7. Да как так-то

  8. BRUTAL!!!!!!! JEEP RULES!!!!

  9. Ai de capu meuuuuuuuu

  10. Jeep suck dick bmw x5m

  11. what a murder

  12. Funniest thing about that entire thing, is that even though the jeep may have had some speed behind it, it would still roll easily in a turn and probably shakes itself apart after every few miles. That and its ugly as sin. Just happy the Ford Mustang kicked its ass in the end.

  13. الجيب شكله معدل
    مو طبيعي

  14. al mustang se le respeta

  15. 1,693 s for 60 feet? Wow!! 29,820 s for 1 Mile? Ok!!

  16. Мустанг рулит!

  17. srt крутой

  18. Jeep SRT-8 vs ekonomiczne Terenowe suprk duża pojemność bagażowa na dalekie trasy pierwszorzędny sprzet

  19. That str8 is a bully

  20. srt has the aerodynamic like that of a block of flats but still kicks ass

  21. hahahaha porsche total destroyed 😀 …big SUV 😀

  22. that GT500 is what’s happening…but come on Porsche WTF!!!!!

  23. Shelby pulled on the back of the srt shoulder.. N said come back here where u going

  24. Es ist unglaub lich wie der Jeep zieht !!!!! Unfassbar Impossible

  25. американская мощь зарешала, ахах))

  26. srt8 vs bitch ass car, bitch ass car and another bitch ass car

  27. legend has it, porsche is still two minutes away from finish line.

  28. The jeep is a fast SUV when I mean fast is fast I got smoked and I have a 4.8 LSX Silverado 80mm turbo .

  29. Grand Cherokee tiene esteroides

  30. duh the fucking mustang is going to pull away in the long run, but the Jeep is downing almost any car you put it against off the line.

  31. I go for GOLF R7

  32. jeep went from making millitary vehicles to making races cars


  34. that JEEP is beast just aint no way around point blank period

  35. разница тупо в лошадиных силах, у порша на сотню меньше было, а мустанг смог вырваться благодаря меньшему весу, физика

  36. It just goes to show that the most expensive vehicle isn’t the best!

  37. bus

  38. actually I want to see juke R vs Golf R 36

  39. ford power

  40. или где-то наебалово или порш 911 приболел, т.к. с его весом и аэродинамикой 580 л.с. должно было хватить чтобы как стоячего ебать срт с его 700 л.с.

  41. lol All you can here is dat Hemi!!!! Fkn awesome!

  42. man that stang went hard 💯

  43. american cars are top and we fall on bmw mercedes audi vw.. i dont get it…

  44. porsche is small ugly bettle for kids a stupid peoples ….mustang is best car

  45. The guy driving the jeep must feel really pumped up. He’s like "I am positive I’ll smoke all of you"

  46. poor jeep

  47. Man that Jeep is a monster!!!!! Looks pretty cool too.

  48. bus

  49. Militar y tech

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