Jeremy’s P45 – Smallest Car in the World! – Extended Full HD – Top Gear – BBC

Jeremy attempts to build a car smaller than the Peel P50, naming his creation the P45.

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  1. 0:41 killed me

  2. Puts the left over gas in the trash…

    10 minutes later a guy throws a cigarette away…

  3. 3:48 … omg imagine someone threw a cigarete into the bin… the oil will catch on fire :OOO… omggg..just u know throw the oil on the road…

  4. Jeremy should off stayed on the hard shoulder

  5. I’ve just watched Dragon’s Den with Jeremy C. and I thought it was a joke! But I see this car is real 😮
    I would call this car a Toilet Car, coz of position of sitting inside and it’s shape. And I’d say it’d not be so stupic to put there a toilette instead of sit. Like in trains in Poland all "output" would stay on the road behind you and the rain would clean it. Isn’t this idea brilliant? 😀

  6. 3:56 looks like Piss

  7. it looks cool I wish I had one

  8. 7:11 Dat smile tho

  9. I died at the "beep beep beep" part and the comments

  10. It’s a very early prototype concept for an HK lol. (Terminator reference)

  11. i can see cars behind him that’s why is quiet

  12. The most "dangerous" he have ever done! Ha ha!

  13. best way to cause a traffic jam

  14. what seson and episod

  15. You can’t find this moooovie with better qualityyyy thaan heeeere => https://twitter.com/c8337a2749d73c2d1/status/824453173783900163

  16. I want one lol

  17. What about a V8 P45?

  18. Some parts looked like he was going faster than other cars.

  19. What if the stig was a car?

  20. 2017 anyone?

  21. You cccan’t find this movieeee with better qualityyy thaan heereeee => https://twitter.com/2b325b39a6ad4fdb6/status/824453173783900163

  22. I would use it as a golf cart not a actual carrrrr

  23. 3:51 I hope that’s staged.

  24. there is traffic behind you when you say the road is quiet

  25. I want one

  26. Its a golf kart with a fancy cockpit…

  27. i wish i have that

  28. Ladies ang gentlemen, i bring you… CARMAN

  29. When the BMW from NFS: MW recycled by the British…

  30. I lost it at 7:12

  31. it doesn’t show the part where he’s in the library and it runs out of battery and he has to start the petrol motor in the library lol it was crackup

  32. Have fun crashing in that

  33. It looks like a Power Ranger.

  34. "with your face already on the windscreen, it cant smash into it" lol

  35. This vehicle still comes up as insured and MOT’d someone probably still drives around in it ha.

  36. 0:45 And this Ladies & Gents, is where a timeless Meme GIF was born.

  37. Whos watching this in 2017!!!!

  38. why i laugh at 7:49

  39. how much is it tho

  40. i actually want this, where could i buy this?

  41. can u breath in this car

  42. it’s actually a four-wheeler you can tell.

  43. lol this is funny

  44. The only time Clarkson screamed more was driving the so called "Citroën grand design" from the camper van challenge 😂

  45. You don’t drive that car. You wear it.

  46. 5:20 no one wonders why he’s talking to a camera?

  47. looks very versatile to me

  48. P45 yay! ugly as poo, but it gets the job done. thanks for posting.

  49. not bad engine and desing 9/10 points why because of that thing that happend when jermey screamed oh my god!

  50. Hey that kind of vehicle, if sealed properly, can be used in hazardous conditions

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