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  1. Mon bébé❤😻

  2. cadê as beliebers?

  3. autotune smfh

  4. what’s a better OTP than Justin and his guitar.
    I’ll wait….

  5. My baby

  6. muito linda a letra da música

  7. Okay you can not like him, but you can’t say he doesnt knoe how to sing, sorry but his voice is so beautiful and he really knows how to sing

  8. This is My favorite cover of him 😀 just so Calm and Nice voice. Think i’ve been listening to it 200 times 😀

  9. Amazing. And love you from the beginning. Everyone grow up and experience but as you’re a star you are always filmed. It must be hard. I love your voice and you playing the guitar is a perfect match. ❤ Love

  10. This was so much better than anyone expected. Didn’t over do it. Respected the song and did it justice.

  11. First

  12. He’s great

  13. Hauntingly beautiful

  14. Sorry JB,This song is made for Michael collings

  15. I take back all the fucked up things I’ve said about him. He’s Good.

  16. argh… 10 seconds into this piece of crap and i’m outta here.. he fuck*** up an otherwise marvelous masterpiece.

  17. real talent

  18. Must be so hard playing the guitar left handed

  19. he performed it in one of purpose tour’s stadiums

  20. Es hermoso!! 💫😚

  21. omg his voice is sooo cute😻

  22. So chill love it

  23. amazing voice ❤

  24. Sorry, but for a "professional musician", this is quite shit.

  25. this softens my opinion on him tbh

  26. I usually hate his music but I think I can at least respect him a smidge after hearing this. nice work mr. bieber

  27. my first time ever LIKEING something by Bieber, WOW this is really good…. look who is all grown up

  28. I am so in love with him. This takes my breath away.

  29. I hate bieber but this was OK. NOT AS GOOD AS TRACY BUT GOOD

  30. Justin Bieber good live

  31. rip replay button

  32. Eu aloprei o botão de replay, algum br aqui fez o msm?

  33. Blessing !! 🙌🏼

  34. Sorry his voice is annoying

  35. I love him

  36. Don’t get me wrong he’s a great singer, but he’s using autotune in this performance right?

  37. Wish this was longer 💔 he sounds so good 🎆

  38. You leave tonight or live and die this way


  40. Full version please

  41. Alguien más era de los pocos que cantamos esta canción a todo pulmón en el Purpose Tour Perú? 😭

  42. best young singer
    but bad attitude

  43. I am literally obsessed with his voice so fucking beautiful 😍😭

  44. 1K people forgot which one was the like button🙄

  45. Justin es un angel 💖

  46. Awesome!

  47. loveeee!


  49. A gdzie Polska?!

  50. My love Justin you´re AMAZING :* i love you so much :*

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