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  1. Really stupid and a horrible example! Go find something worthwhile to do and promote Kobe! Kids imitate you. One did in metro Atlanta the other day and died.

  2. It’s fake

  3. There was no driver

  4. Am I the only one in the entire planet that realized this is fake

  5. Fake

  6. we all know that the truth is that the car jumped over him

  7. he really jumped that high but the car drove next to him instead of towards him

  8. is funny how Kobe said do not try thisss! and some guy named Kobe Thomas try did and is died

  9. fake

  10. FAKE!!!!!

  11. Soooo….some kid just tried this and died? sad….

  12. Play it in 0.25 looks legit but idk? lol

  13. I think it would be possible to jump over a Ford GT40 because it’s around 40 inches tall and if you have a 40" vertical. But you may not be able to hold the jump for too long.

  14. it looks fake

  15. It’s actually fake

  16. This shits fake


  18. fake wires

  19. Why is it dangerous to use editing software to make it look like I jumped over a car at home?

  20. This is so fake

  21. They forgot about the shadow of the crane…

  22. Holy… Can you believe it???!!!

  23. he can jump over that car cause it was soo low guys common

  24. I know that’s fake

  25. Haha told ya

  26. Fake

  27. Fakeeeeeeeeeeeee

  28. My youtube isnt working do you guys know why?

  29. no one drives the car if you pause you will see that.

  30. Fake

  31. is this real or not

  32. FAKE. There was no driver

  33. how does everyone not know it’s fake

  34. Fake

  35. Sprewell!

  36. fake asf

  37. guys its fake they edited the rope the pull him up no one can do it

  38. there is no driver

  39. fake

  40. Somewhere, some idiot tried this for real, and got themselves busted the hell up

  41. just look at how he looks when he lands

  42. It was actually fake

  43. Kobe is a bad ass gangster

  44. Where can I get those shoes in 2017??

  45. even if Kobe could really jump over a car, do you really think he would be dumb enough to actually try it on camera? as if common sense didn’t tell you it’s fake, wouldn’t Kobe’s name checking of the shoe tell you right there that it’s fake?

  46. A 16 year old was killed where I live trying this. Just because someone is dumb enough to try this doesn’t mean anybody else should.

  47. Fake

  48. fake

  49. marketing wizard

  50. fake

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