Lamborghini Aventador SV vs Porsche 911 GT3 RS vs McLaren 675LT – Top Gear Magazine

The Top Gear Magazine team take a Lamborghini Aventador SV, Porsche 911 GT3 RS and McLaren 675LT through the wet and wild Lake District.

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  1. Is this Top Gear..? Looks like something from EVO.

  2. bring back the old crew :-l

  3. he needs more excitement and enthusiasm when talking about the cars nearly fell asleep, the drip 💧!

  4. you pillocks, why would you do that to any supercar?

  5. how can such exciting cars make such boring video.

  6. God DAMN that was boring. I was honestly not expecting it to be this bad.

  7. Where was this shot? that hairpin looks drift worthy.


  9. We would all probably choose the Lamborghini SV because of its value. But besides that all three cars are amazing and really come down to a matter of preference.

  10. the sheep has seen more lambos than me

  11. I still feel Id enjoy beating on the GT3 rather than the Aventador SV


  13. They even made super cars boring

  14. Jeremy who?

  15. Why this never came out

  16. Very funny and entertaining. I’ve never seen anyone brutalize super cars in this manner before.

  17. Boooring…

  18. Delete this channel and "Top Gear" you guys look like lost puppies without the original 3

  19. Jeremy Clarkson is one of the few people in the world who can make car reviews sound exiting. I don’t know about this new guy, he sounds like he should be working in a call centre.

  20. Wow without clarkson,may and Hammond this channel sucks and also 9k Dislikes vs 6k likes

  21. bbc should just stop top gear it wil never be as good as it was . cant wait for clarksen ,hammon and mays new show!

  22. jesus that was boering just even a funny quote from clarkson would have made it intresting

  23. Dear, new top gear….. You suck
    -the world

  24. Very well shot.

  25. This guy sounds like hates his job commentating.

  26. I like this

  27. i was SO looking forward to seeing the three boys drive these cars!!! It would have been epic, a little reminiscent of the best driving road episode.

  28. I saw this IRL because I live nearby

  29. Why would i buy a 300k super car and take it off road.

  30. #notmytopgear

  31. What about the GTR Nismo?

  32. YAAAWN! I need more POWER!

  33. i like this new top gear way more than the old one with jeremy etc…

  34. the sound of that porsche😍😭

  35. I guess if the old top gear did this Richard would have the gt3 rs, Jeremy with the aventador and James with the 675lt…

  36. why does this have do many dislikes? this is top gear magazine and has nothing to do with TGTV!!!

  37. What was this pointless meaningless crap all about !!!


  39. I’m glad to see that Top Gear Italia is pretty much good than The new Top Gear UK… Naturally the old one is the best of the best, with Hammond, May and Clarkson😢

  40. This show used to be about going sideways, destroying cars, 3 grown men acting like 5 year olds and goofing off now it’s turned into a show that makes me want to fall asleep, it’s not good BBC it not good at all.

  41. do they have that car in golden brown. if they so tell me , I really want to know . any was that Car is really fast

  42. No mention of the fact that the McLaren has the nose lift system as optional? Your tester has to be the only 675LT without one equipped.

  43. I guess they’re aiming at a different audience now


  45. Is there a full version of this? Would love to watch it! Watching these supercars deal with real-world scenarios is just as exciting and entertaining as seeing them powersliding on a track. More of this please!

  46. what road were they driving on that was all nice and smooth? anyone have any ideas?

  47. So much sexiness in one sort video

  48. where’s hammond?????????

  49. Fell asleep once I heard the buggers voice.

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