Lego Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS Set 42056 | Unbox Build Time Lapse Review

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Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS official statement about none sequential gears:

LEGO Issues Official Statement Regarding Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS (42056) Instructions

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  1. porschUHH

  2. #Porche4life


    apart from the price *sigh*

  4. i want this et so BADLY!!!!!

  5. Ok review but sariel made a better review (of course-because he is the lego technic god

  6. Am I a fagget

  7. what does changing the gear on this set do? don’t you just push it?

  8. Have you even touched that Lego in the background

  9. I’ve never heard of the Porch 911.

  10. In Australia, we got it in stock at toy shops for…

  11. So one day I was driving my 911 around the palace and I totally crashed. But it’s ok, I got another one. It’s a 911 2012.

  12. Please repeat after me, Porche, pronounced Por-sha. It’s the founder’s last name. You don’t say Frari, It’s Ferrari because it’s the founder’s last name.

    Por-sha!!!!!! Porche

  13. how do you afford all this?

  14. Just $300 more and I will be able to get it

  15. When my friend said bulding a pc is like building legos i showed him this

  16. History of Porsche 😂😂😁😁

  17. porsche with an -UH- at the end not porch

  18. Tookin long enough to build, huh?

  19. Can you guys do the last spider man set.?i really want to see the build

  20. Ordered it and am waiting to build it! Two weeks it will be here 😭

  21. this lego technic set is so (legen wait for it dary) cool

  22. That’s a big set

  23. Shoud i get this or save up for a new phone?

  24. How do you make your intro and outdo of your cool videos

  25. Wow so cool I want that

  26. lol your head is shaking like a world record breaker 😂

  27. dang this guy must have all the patience in the world

  28. Hey you should give it away

  29. The bad thing about lego is, once you’ve finished building the set, it’s highly likely that you’re not gonna play with the finished product, and tbh, since you make them out of blocks, they usually look kind of stupid, so you can’t really put it on display, otherwise you’ll look like an absolute spanner. Basically what I’m trying to say, is that you’re pretty much only spending your money on the building aspect of it, which could take you back upwards of $1000.

  30. Lol get trolled

  31. Porsche BTW is pronounced Porsha

  32. this is mouth watering

  33. THIS SET IS SICK!!!!

  34. LEGO DESIGNERS why not bugatti (veyron) WHY !?!?!?

  35. You mentioned that it took you several times build and rebuild because things didn’t work right. That is exactly why I love Lego Technics. The challenge to get things right at the first time, and when it doesn’t work out that way, you try again. I love it. I just bought the excavator for my kids (10 and 6) to try (and of course I will help when needed) so that they can experience the feeling of failure and greatness when you finish the job. Thanx for your video!

  36. this is not a toy !
    it is a technical masterpiece

  37. can you send me the bucket excavator set pls

  38. Best packaging for lego ever

  39. sir can i have your job

  40. Custom build the Super HIND Helicopter

  41. I would have a better chance of buying a real porsche than ever building this creation I simply don’t have the patience required to do this

  42. Lovin it

  43. Would have got it if it was not £250 (£260 now!)

  44. how long did this take you?

  45. hey, that printed piece on the passenger size is some sort of glove box. I noticed that on mine and its pretty cool!

  46. How long did you build it?

  47. how long did it take?

  48. now we can finally own a Porsche so way

  49. Think i’ll go for the Bucket wheel excavator next, this doesnt wow me much

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