Life’s too short to drive boring cars – Porsche 911 964 Turbo

Porsche 911 964 Turbo at Hong Kong

Organizer : Classicsracer & Co.
Producer : Archie Yiu @ Classicsracer
Director : Herbert.C
Dop : Herbert.C & Eric Ng
Editor : Herbert.C & Sherman Mak
Sound : Matthew Lam
Assistant : Linus Lam, Sherman Mak & Justin C.N.Yiu

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  1. awesome looking 911, just don’t like the big wing…..

  2. Nice, I recognize it’s recorded at area where I normally stay during my holiday

  3. I’d rather have a Ford raptor over any other car in the world

  4. Excellent track/mountain car, too bad it was a short video, I wanted to see more action!

  5. i like the spoiler 🙂

  6. Nice….

  7. I’m sorry but that spoiler and body kit look fucking ridiculous

  8. what location was this filmed on?

  9. my god i love porsches, every single one of them. i love these cars!!!

  10. looks like Hong Kong….very jealous, nice, keep the videos coming!

  11. Beautiful 😉

  12. 965 Turbo.

  13. Who came from the new Gta 5 update

  14. Who else wanted to hear the door close at the end?
    Amazing video.

  15. Red = only the FERRARI

  16. Expect life to be short if you drive a widow-maker like that. Though, you would die in style and with a terrifying smile on your face

  17. Damn sexy as fuck!

  18. Life is too short to earn enough money for such a car 😀

  19. Way too short !

  20. I’m in love

  21. Wow… Incredible car.

  22. 👍

  23. 50 seconds in. …..I subscribed, among other things lol.

  24. Nice video. Well done. Would have liked to have heard some talk about the 964.

  25. What is this, a bourne movie? Shakycam!

  26. that’s true that’s why I wonder if I could get a good fast car

  27. My car isn’t boring. It gives me problems from time to time.

  28. Amen!

  29. Life’s too short to drive boring cars…So buy special cars to die faster.

  30. brakło paliwa 0_o

  31. year of the 911 ???

  32. fuck this porsche is sex porno i love this body

  33. Yes.

  34. Which wing is that?

  35. my wallet’s to thin for special cars 🙁

  36. Does anyone know where I can have a photo of this car for a desktop picture?

  37. Lovely car, so much cooler than the latest models

  38. That is RSR styling there! No RWB fibreglass shit on this baby!

  39. everybody above is either jockin nuts or throwing rocks. lol. im the judge #foreigngang DBE. need to be a savage where i live. there has to be a gun in your house. #atlanta life #city in the forest.

  40. must have more of this

  41. This Porsche is unreal.

  42. COOL !!11

  43. Epic!

  44. 下痢便マフラー

  45. best!

  46. iconic

  47. I really love the front, which bodykit is that?

  48. Bad Ass Blood Red !!!!!

  49. SICK

  50. Everything about this video was beautiful, the car, the area, the filming, damn

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