Look At This Car!!

Would ya just look at it!!

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  1. where is this guy live at in real life.. I like to look at him!

  2. 0:53, 1:01 that old man’s laugh gets me every time lol!

  3. Dying. I’m dying. I cannot stop watching. I can’t stop laughing.

  4. I can’t even forced or told to look at this car. I can’t be forced or told look at this car.

  5. 5,422 dislikes. would ya look at that?

  6. Who’s watching 2017? Would you look at this πŸ‘€

  7. Would you just look at 1:18 ? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. If you’re reading this have a blessed day β˜ΊοΈπŸ’“

  9. oh look at that.
    / ♀♑◇♧

  10. Still looking at it in 2017.

  11. first thing I do when I see a video on the YouTube like this I say…
    would you look at that!!!

  12. Stupid

  13. still watching in 2017, seen about 20 times now…

  14. when you see a video on YouTube like this..

    You just got to look at it that’s all you can do anymore!

  15. Can you imagine how funny it would be if he met Steve Urkle?

  16. I feel like this guy was waiting his whole life just to talk about that car

  17. I cant watch this video all the way through.. its so embarrassing how hard he trolls this guy.

  18. who’s watching g again in 2017 lol

  19. HAhaha!

  20. Trying to show my friends stuff I like

  21. reminds me of Brandon Rogers

  22. You should do more this sort of videos " what you look at this" on the streets and filming the reactions of the people while you talk to them. You should do new ones, we are asking so much time… do you really read our comments?

  23. The whole time I’m thinking, Ed Bassmaster is either 1.) A genius or, the guy is a 2.) Complete dumbass and I can’t seem to figure out which is which

  24. still looking at wating IT i thinks 10 times And still funny

  25. Who’s here in 2017

  26. Still looking at it in 2017! just look

  27. 2017 and I’m still looking at it

  28. Ok, Now look at this net.

  29. I hadn’t seen this until now. My friend was all like "would you look at this".

  30. 1:18 over and over

  31. Would you look at that. 2017 and I’m still looking at it

  32. Emilio has questionable sexuality.

  33. You probably would have got off if you told him to look at it. HAHAHAHA

  34. 5k disslikes! Really? Look at this πŸš–πŸ‘€

  35. just needs TØP… then this would be perfect

  36. lol still looking

  37. would u look at it just look at it you got me runin all over the car i would look at the cop i was so mad

  38. it’s 2017 and Im still looking at this


  40. you make. a shitty day turn bright

  41. "you know what the judge did . . . . "
    "he probably told you to look at it" HAHAHAHA! lost my shit there!

  42. The guys couldn’t sell the car cause they are still looking at it today πŸ™

  43. It’s 2017 I’m still watching and laughing

  44. Oh, would ya look at dat.. Just look at dat!

  45. Still looking at it in 2017.

  46. 28M views and still hysterical πŸ˜†

  47. Still looking at it in 2k17.

  48. my science teacher always says this!!!!!!!! Would you look at that he’s so fubby!!!

  49. I came back today to just look at it. and I looked at it.

  50. this is the best one

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