LOUD Porsche 911 Turbo S w/ iPE Exhaust REVS & Accelerations Sounds!!

Check out this LOUD Porsche 911 Turbo S fitted with an iPE exhaust revving and doing several accelerations! The exhaust sound of this 911 Turbo S is just awesome in our opinion, what are your thoughts?

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Please let us know what you think of the video and click that ‘thumbs up’ button! (:

Thanks for watching! Cheers, Jeroen and Wietse

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  1. Some in-cabin samples would be nice.

  2. The car takes off like a rocket!

  3. stolen video from china LOL

  4. Loud ? are you serious ? this sounded like someone farting at 90 knots.

    Turbo cars sound like shit and the 911 is a good example of a shitty turbo sound with any type of aftermarket exhaust.

  5. I like the sound but changing the exhaust for a more open one also makes that sputtering and spitting noise in deceleration even more pronounced. I know I am a minority but I absolutely hate that.

  6. the best is carrera gt3 with Ipe exhaust

  7. *Sounds good!*

  8. Cool video

  9. best I’ve heard on the turbo s. My idea of perfection. Anything more would be too much for everyday use.

  10. Taiwan’s production of it?

  11. eargasm x3.

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