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  2. Mega druciarze, przynajmniej wiadomo gdzie nie oddawać porsche na konwersje LPG. Autokalibracja i jeden gold, i jakieś gówno waltekopodobne i będzie pan zadowolony hahahhahaha

  3. Excellent job well done guys
    Dear I just would like to ask you with this car v8 4.5L with 100 litter LPG how many miles can you drive in city or high way ?
    Also how much cost lpg kit to fit?

  4. Nice video and music :-] LPG-BEST WAY

  5. Cool video pity about the shit nonchalant music

  6. not sure if you know what 12eurocent per km is….

    this is how much riding a Magnum cost on LPG

    if You know what money is You don’t want to throw it in the garbage.

    You will never have a Techart Magnum so please shut up 🙂

  7. only one pressure reducer KME Gold for 350KM it’s too small for this heavy car, and you can’t mount injectors in vertical position!!! they must be on horizontal position, nozzles directed to down…why? faster to get dirty and wipe the pistons…

  8. whats the last tune in this set?

  9. Alicia Keys od 10:20
    Cayenne to buracki samochód, ale i tak mi do trochę żal że na druciarzy trafił.

  10. Nice job but I would rather place the filling adapter on some replacable plastic bumper so when the system is removed it’s easier to replace a bumper than weld the hole in the rear metal fender 

  11. the bod mixing the tunes for this vid can’t couldn’t mix a cake lol – nice conversion though lol

  12. 1:28 No washer tut tut :p

  13. Nice work, gloves seem pointless 🙂

  14. my cars lpg and the oil stays clean you loose a tiny bit of power not alot just when accelerating

  15. W pierwszym lepszym auto gazie Pan Mietek zakłada instalację z większą finezją… rozdzielacz przykręcony do osłony z napisem porshe rozwalił system, podobnie wlem gazu…

  16. drill fail @ 1.47 ?? try using a tap……

  17. mate i do declare you are indeed a ‘craftsman’

  18. You can mount rails verticle or horizontal u tool, I wouldnt of even put a cheap kit on a car like this lovato or tartarini would be better

  19. nice work, how many km with one liter of lpg ?

  20. on review Dj pays a banging set

  21. mega drut team

  22. Really? And the fact that a prestigious sports car maker such as Porsche decided to manufacture an SUV isn’t a shame?

    Besides, LPG injections aren’t harmful – that’s a myth. On the contrary, propane is a cleaner burning fuel which is better for the engine. It could also make the car feel more agility. If installed properly, there’s nothing wrong with LPG injections.

  23. Only idiots call lpg is no good for old car like this. Penny saved is penny earned 😉

  24. fucking idiots…..

  25. How much is the LPG conversion cost ?

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