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  1. Man this manufacturing plant has been in India long before Modi or Make in India campaign, why are you claiming the previous governments work, this plant has been here since 2007.

  2. w0w

  3. यांत्रिक अभियंत्रण विभाग

    Good Luck !!!! Mission Make in INDIA is flying…..

  4. jay hind

  5. Detroit of India, Chennai ! Tamil Nadu is the second richest state in India after Maharashtra.

  6. just 1000 employee…

  7. Ooh, he called me stupid because i tried to protect Indian womens right to travel freely in their own country. Say that to the girls/women living in fear dude!

  8. This is truly great but not enough. I travel in India a lot now (desi became pardesi long ago). We need better infrastructure, better Internet (Internet that works all the time without interruption for businesses), 24/7 power and water, and products that Indians create and innovate for the markets. Modi is going in the right direction and we hope India will get there soon.

  9. good job modi sarkar

  10. Chennai, wrong place. Move to Bengaluru and make it Bengaluru Motor Works. Come on BMW marketing !

  11. Hi, Nitrip. Please accept my sincere apologies for upsetting/annoying you. I am blown away by Indias achievements and actually think your country is amazing. My only aim here is to make your leaders aware that, as they leap forward to more wonderful successes they should also be considerate of the ‘old’ ways that they should change.
    Can you imagine what the world would think if they witnessed your amazing country improving the status of women and lower castes as they achieve fantastic technological feats? The entire world would say: "Wow! If India can do that then they are real leaders and achievers." Do you get my meaning, Sitrip?
    Your country is great. Don’t think that I don’t believe that, I just want it to be even greater.
    Have a good day.

  12. very good ,very encouraging to buy bmw products.

  13. gud job

  14. young and hungry.
    ahahah good man

  15. man that plant is in chennai,since 2006………………………..

  16. Bad move bmw! You now support a government that does nothing to protect its women and girls right to travel freely and safely on public transport. Shame on bmw!!

  17. when are you going to make mumbai a world class city? what are you doing about slums?

  18. excellent job done by BMW

  19. Any idea how I can get internship or implant training in BMW??

  20. 这个很像手工作坊啊!

  21. Oh, by the way, I haven’t watched Slumdog Millionaire.

  22. very good

  23. Thank you for your continuing comments, i fully support you guys in the lgbt community. I am visiting several cities in India in April, meeting with womens rights groups. You are all welcome. Peace and love on all of you.

  24. make in india

  25. Yeah , Make in India

  26. reality551! I sincerely hope that all Indian gentlemen are not as aggressive as you. If they are then there is no hope for your country. The USA is full of idiots, this i know, but please don’t be lke them. Peace, Love and rights for women. Hasta la vista baby!!

  27. Nice

  28. When will the transmission and the engine going to be made in India? Surprised to know that BMW in India gets its parts from China & US, why not Germany.

  29. jai ho

  30. young and hungry.
    ahahah good man

  31. Not using Helmet

  32. Congratulations India

  33. lets make in india.

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