Mazda 3 vs Audi A3 & BMW 1 Series group test

We pit three stylish family hatchbacks against each other – the Mazda 3, Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series.

Mazda 3 review – http://bit.ly/1zziOqZ
BMW 1 Series review – http://bit.ly/ILQmw5
Audi A3 Sportback review – http://bit.ly/1GTSHwx

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  1. In my opinion, you are comparing apples to oranges atleast in north american versions of these models. BMW and Audi are lowering their qualities so they could mass produce and everyone could buy their models. Whereas Mazda has put lot of effort and they have improved a ton and mazda3 has become #1 Japanese car among young guys toppling a boring corolla and weird looking civic. CX5 is most sold suv of mazda. They are best sporty cars for budget and you get everything. The reason mazda accelerates faster than those two is primarily because of high compression ratio 13.9:1, compared to some 10:1 to 328i. I believe This may not be very good for engine in long run. Now lets compare mazda3 4dr sdn to 328i xdrive 2.0L or compare mazda6 to 330i or 5 series on a wet race track for 5000 laps. Or overall car/engine/transmission conditions for 7-8 years under rigorous driving conditions. I am not predicting anything but dont believe mazda3 is better than 328i in every situation, all driving conditions throughout its life time.

  2. Shame on BMW and Audi.

  3. Can someone tell me why you would buy a car simply for its badge? Isn’t that shallow and shows your insecurity?

  4. Wie immer Mazda 👍👍👌

  5. Mazdaaa! n.n

  6. in real life:p

  7. Mazda all the way.

  8. I think you were a little nice about the Mazda 3 interior insulation here Matt. Having driven all three cars, I think the Mazda 3 has such terrible wind noise (especially in motorways) that it makes it unbearable sitting in the front over long distance, let alone if you’re a passenger in the back. The handling is superb, amazing interior in the front, cheaper than all its rivals, especially 2nd hand. The 1.5 litre engine is SUPER uneconomical at motorway speeds, STAY AWAY FROM THIS ENGINE! and its massively underpowered. My recommendation to all, is buy a 2nd hand Audi A3 with the 2.0TDI engine.

  9. From my recent experiences of vw/audis, they are unreliable pieces of crap!

  10. Mazda road noise

  11. Audi the best!

  12. No one here seems to be talking about the offset pedals and the heavy clutch of the BMW that gives people knee problems. I was thinking of buying this car but if it is such an issue i will reconsider.

  13. mazda now worth 9k
    bmw 116d now worth 10.5k also please bear in mind bmw has been out since 2012
    audi is now worth 11k.

    the cars checked online are all the same age so 2014 and have similar mileage.
    all figures are in gbp (£) and checked on autotrader.

  14. Well you dont hear Drizzy rappin’ about Mazdas do you???

    OK I know you want the Audi
    I know you wanna go to Maui

    Drake – Right Hand

  15. Lol the Mazda is seriously outclassed here why is it up against an Audi and a BMW?

  16. The A3 is just a golf with audi badge premium price just buy the golf.

  17. I want to see the new Mazda 3 in a race anybody know how

  18. Can someone tell me why the badge is important over how a car looks and controls???

  19. If you want a good bmw or audi you need to spend more money.
    But it’s worth it.
    Only then you will notice the quality of German’s cars.
    My recommendations for the Audi 2.0 TDI sportback 140 hp, It is a beast. 🙂

  20. Mazda powa !
    i sold my Audi A4 and bought à Mazda 6. i don’t regret one second about my choice. Audi is boring, expensive

  21. I pity the fools who stereotype German cars as superior.

  22. the mazda 3 has 150, and the bmw has 160 but mazda s more powerful? SAY WHAT

  23. We now live in a world where people think there’s a perfect and direct correlation between brand image and performance. This video is about 3 similarly-priced car and looks fair enough but lot you will never in a million years accept the result as all brainwashed to think Germans makes the best car….well may be they only make best overpriced cars compared to other makers

  24. And I could only wish that the Skyactive D was available in the USA.

  25. are you really serious? how could you compare a german car with a japanese? well the jpn car must have a lot of things over the other two but it never has refinement and brand name prestige.

  26. Wohoo my car kicks ass! :DPetrol version though, 160hp. Choice made on real price/performance. I placed zero emphasis on brand when making my choice.

  27. Love BMW’s but ill have the Mazda

  28. i dont think this video is biased at all…afterall Mat is basically judging facts mostly, and the Mazda really wins…people that dont "accept" this video are stuck with the classic "german car cliche"…the reality is that the german cars arent half as good as people think they are, and double the price of cars that happen to be much better…and YES, german cars now a days DO LACK QUALITY! as a test driver for german brands (in germany) i know this very well…every test driver colleague of mine is driving either a mazda, a toyota or a honda…those are the only brands with true quality for your money now a days…and again, i work with quality for a living…

  29. I don’t understand why people have such a hard time accepting a cheap BMW or Audi is exactly that, cheap. The saddest thing is when people buy them and flash the key fob around a like they actually own a "premium" car. It’s the equivalent of putting a sock down your pants. It’s all very impressive until you actually have to perform.

  30. mazda 3 👍👍👍

  31. Why is there no Mazda with a diesel engine in the US?

  32. Mazda 3 fantastic! A lot better than the mainstream boring panzer tanks that everyone lusts after.Who wants a boring boxy Golf/A1 when you can have eye catching style!

  33. Wtf Mazda 3 beats Audi A3 by that much? I go 0-60/100 in 6.6 seconds + dsg is godlike.

  34. In a way this isn’t really a fair test because the Germans can’t do affordable cars like the Japanese/Koreans, and secondly, the only reason the German cars cost the same as the Mazda is because the Germans have cut a lot of corners which means a vastly inferior product.

    People completely lose their minds when buying cars. Simply ignoring everything about a car except its badge, which certain unscrupulous car makers are taking full advantage of…

  35. Nice! I just want them to come out with an AWD Mazdaspeed 3 or AWD 3. I currently have a 2015 Mazda 3 S Touring with the 2.5 L engine.

  36. The thing that isn’t explained about these diesels is that Mazda is the odd one out when compared to other diesels. Rather than go the standard 17:1 or 18:1 compression normally required, they chose to flip it on its head and do a record low 14:1. The negative with this is cold starts, which they resolved with feeding exhaust on start up. But what is a benefit is that the low compression burns the fuel more effectively, so they don’t need AdBlue or other additions. Secondly, because it’s the same compression ratio as their petrol car, they put in lighter engine parts shaving a massive amount of weight (the weight of a person). But it’s the sound and rpm that are most noticeable and it’s explained in this video without Auto Express explaining why. Because of its weight and compression ratio being so different, it has much high rpm and sound as if it’s 1/2 way between a standard petrol engine and standard diesel. It’s a lot quieter for that.

    Post VW diesel issues though, both German and Japanese automotive companies were investigated to determine if they were also cheating with emissions. There was a unnanimous finding that in fact, all manufacturers were cheating to a degree. The Japanese report card was odd though. They found that Mazda was the only brand that had successful results. In real world tests on the Mazda 3 and CX-5, the emissions were basically on par with the emissions reported prior to VW’s emissions scandal. Maybe the low compression was a good idea after all.

  37. I am in a pinch between the mazda and the bmw. I really love everything about the mazda I prefer its looks outside as well as inside (where the bmw can only beat it with the prof navigation (yes its part of the looks for me, that big screen looks gorgeous) and the new thinner wheel which I’d have to retrofit as I will be buying a ~12/13 used model. But and her a big but, the BMW has rear wheel drive and I just want to really own a rwd car once. Its actually why I wanted to buy the mx5 initially but it just seems to impractical to own as your only car, even if I dont have a family yet (Im especially thinking of going skiing in winter). But the bmw is also a couple of grand more expensive. God damn it choices, the bloody choices. In terms of power theyd be simiar, I’d be buying the 170hp bmw or the 165hp Mazda both petrol.

  38. Which one are you least likely to get laid in? LoL

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  40. There is a little of video in your publicity

  41. I bought myself a Mazda 3 Sport Nav 2.0 165ps and I have no regrets. It was fully loaded pretty much everything that costs extra with German brand cars. I was going to get an Audi A3 but I couldn’t justify paying £10k more than the Mazda 3 just to get it up to spec. Personally, I don’t care about the image of owning a German car…I let the Mazda 3 speak for itself. The Mazda 3 is a serious car…I love it.

  42. Am just buy the mazda 3 and am very happy to drive this car enjoy enjoy

  43. Well it’s just the Point of Price you are riding on. The real opponents are there, they are just more expensive then the Mazda. This is just the Top Spec Mazda vs the entry scum class Spec. 😂

  44. Just goes to show what I told my salesman here in the USA why I chose the new Mazda 3 hatch to purchase. All the perks of a Japanese car with all the feeling of a German car. Best of both worlds IMO.

  45. Stylish and Diesel what an oxymoron

  46. mazda is coming up ..😊

  47. yay mycar is fast

  48. The face (front of the car) of the Mazda looks the best out of the three. It looks really slick.

  49. Love this fair, price matched test

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