McLaren 570S vs Audi R8 V10 Plus vs Porsche 911 Turbo S: supercar track battle!

Since 2012 McLaren’s line-up has ballooned from one car to eight – and one of the latest arrivals is the 570S. Based on similar carbon fibre underpinnings to its stablemates, the newcomer is designed as a supercar you can live with day to day.

However, the McLaren isn’t the only high-performance car that’s easy to live with. The Porsche 911 Turbo S has always been the ultimate supercar for all seasons, and now there’s a revised version with even more performance and a host of interior tweaks. Audi’s sensational R8 V10 Plus completes our trio of mouth-watering machines; it combines jaw-dropping looks and top-notch quality with thrilling handling and a sublime engine. Which of our trio takes the spoils? Steve Sutcliffe hits the track to find out…

McLaren vs Audi vs Porsche group test: http://aex.ae/29xg4D6
McLaren 570S review: http://aex.ae/1W4MWZE
Audi R8 V10 Plus review: http://aex.ae/1HSKeOh
Porsche 911 Turbo S review: http://aex.ae/1Krcgyr

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  1. The difference is minimal. It would be interesting to try say 25 comparisons: 5 for each of 5 different drivers. This would give some idea of natural variation. Interestingly he had the impression that the McLaren was easily beating the Porsche. The difference was only 0.2 seconds.

  2. British cars rule.

  3. I heard the Bugatti, Chiron got them all beat?

  4. 570s best looking hardest to maintain and most costly to maintain the turbo s is most reliable a bit dull classic but not so like the mclaren exotic but has that mean stnace and insane daily driver perfect. and the r8 is a v10 which screams feels the best when u WOT but not quite up there with the turbos originality and 570s exotic wise.

  5. 911 wasn’t even in Sport + mode…

  6. McLaren 570S is use nissan proto type vr380 v8 engine not McLaren 570S cheating cheat scam scammer shitty england uk

  7. How long will corsas last on the heavier 911 turbo s not a practical track car like the mclaren 570S.

  8. u can’t really compare a 911 to a McLaren ..911 are rivals with corvette or SL Mercedes.. McLaren is more of a supercar then a gt ..but the 918 destroyed the McLaren

  9. always supporting Sutcliffe wherever you are!!

  10. The McLaren 570S is Faster, Cheaper and Prettier than the Porsche 911 Turbo so whoever buys the 911 have serious mental problems !!

  11. A new king has born. Mclaren has everything: performance, looks, doors, exoticness, price!… the 570s is not a sports car, is a super car… a wolf in sheep skin. I don’t really think there’s a question here about which is the best car, it comes to loyalty to a brand to choose a car. F1 genes… nothing in the world can beat that.

  12. Sutcliffe may not be stranger to a fish supper but he can certainly drive.

  13. i don’t trust these talkative ladies at all. Being paid from one group or another, all it takes to skew a taste is a barely light foot on one corner. If you are going to test 3 cars, they should have all the same tires. What they came with is irrelevant, as their costs were different. And I am tired of the cliche of brit accents being "smart". This guy looked like a little old lady from pasadena driving.

  14. very cool !

  15. Another Mclaren that can only keep up with the competition if it wears much stickier track focused tires. Hilarious. And I don’t care if it comes like that stock and others don’t. That is totally irrelevant. The only thing that matters is that it’s not Mclarens engineering that makes it faster than competition, it’s the tires. Not to mention that these same tires that give it an advantage on the track will make it useless on the real roads with surface changes, bumps, cold and wet tarmac, etc. 570S couldn’t come close to a 911 or the R8 on real roads.

  16. I don’t feel the R8.

  17. Why it’s auto express and not car express because they speak English not German

  18. Omg the porsche fanboys….

  19. +Auto Express Have you got the full racing laps of each cars with vbox telemetry data overlay? Quite annoying to see a fast lap with no data of what the cars are doing!

  20. omg 570s win again

  21. he didn’t push the audi. was thinking about pies during audi lap.

  22. 911 turbo s

  23. All 3 lovely !!
    BTW the TIRES make a huge difference here, Porsche with Pirelli’s Corsa has the greatest performance

  24. I have never seen a car more stunning than that Mclaren 😮

  25. The tires are the factor for the MacLaren being the faster.
    I would like to see this test on the wet.

  26. Hey Auto Express, I’m a new subscriber and I was wondering if you could add a few things to your already superb videos.
    I’d love to know at what speed you start each lap just to get an estimate for comparisons. I’d also love to see the G’s that each super car pulled around the bends of your track. I hope you take these thoughts in consideration for your upcoming videos and thank you for the great content!

  27. put some michelin cup 2 on that turbo S and it will humilate the other 2 cars…

  28. I think the 570S is the best looking in the McLaren range.

  29. it might be 3 10ths of a second faster , I bet you wont care when they charge you 1500 dollars for an oil change or 900 dollars for spark plugs or the clutch breaks on it and its stuck in the shop for weeks on end. the you beat the prosche by 3 thenths of a second and then the care engine compartment starts smoking…

  30. 911 Turbo s costs $145,773? Where did he get it that cheap, on the Porsche website it’s $190,000

  31. The R8 has one of the most ugliest designs.

  32. Great compare of these three!!

  33. i’d still take the porsche. it’s a beautiful looking car, practical, good for daily use and insanely fast. I don’t like the looks of 570s, especially the back is ugly

  34. What a fantastic sports car the 570S is and bargain entry level into the McLaren brand but for a real SUPERcar the 650S spider is the one to have

  35. mcclaren is trying soo hard to be like the orig 90’s version. epic fail. never.

  36. is this the same track the grand tour uses?

  37. Οn trofeo Rs?

  38. You can hear the tires struggle as Steve is trying to keep the R8 on the line. R8 with lessor torque, but also the weakest chassis.

  39. Screw it im buying an Audi A1 Upgraded to about 500hp

  40. Such a good driver is steve sutcliffe

  41. very nice steve. This job is fucking sick.

  42. Question; what was the camera car drafting the McLaren at 6:36? Answer; probably the Porsche, resisting the urge to pass. You can’t convince me this British journalist didn’t (intentionally or unintentionally) let up a little on the German cars and drive his blessed McLaren just a bit more intently.

  43. this is too entertaining.

  44. When 10 year olds say how good r8s are and forget about rs7s

  45. "Oh yes, that’s definitely quicker than the Porsche." No, you chose to give it a time .2 faster because you said it in the car and couldn’t take it back, not to mention it just happens to be a British car. The McLaren may have felt faster due to its construction and balance, but the Porsche is faster. And if they had the same tires, there’s NO QUESTION the Porsche will dominate every time. You journalists need to stop testing these cars on the tires they come with, it’s ridiculous.

  46. the pedigree is not there for audi. sorry. its with ferrari and porsche, thats it. audi is trying to fit in. period,

  47. Iv owned v8 cars twice now starting with RS4 B7 then c63 supercharged!! But other day I went to dealers for a test drive in their latest 991 turbo S . I want to buy a car that’s a real track star but reliability should be an important thing & for me I think Porsche will hit the mark as it is not so flashy type of car either but the power & reliability is

  48. Yeah, 570s is a bargain. 😎

  49. McDevilman666

  50. R8 610 brake horsepower

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