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  1. Statistically, there has to be a guy like George on every couple of million people. I guess it’s a mix of the law of nature and coincidence that put him in this position. I wish him the best and I hope he’ll be doing great discoveries.

  2. Is it a small raspberry pi or is it actually a laptop?

  3. lmfao epic failed. that giggles. LEVEL 5 is shit project abandon.

  4. Liked his confidence

  5. That’s freaklefluffing amazing

  6. Interesting… for a car to truly drive itself, the solution may not be more rules, but instead more exploration.

  7. Thnx now a car that drives of himself without fearing for my life

  8. George is a genius

  9. That’s 100% safe for sure

  10. in Russia it works ?

  11. He sounds like mike wasouski from Monsters Inc Lmao!

  12. Wow this is amazing. I like concept of a four-point outline. Additional, you might need an AI to check the existing system to make any corrections while car is driving itself, I saw an AI correcting and AI in a Cold Fusion video. Also you’re going to need to miniature something that can anticipate thousands of calculations and possibilities rapidly at the same time. 10 hours of driving at a time it’s really not enough. To make this thing really work, you’ll have to drive under various conditions, at various times of the day, on various roadways. Also infrastructure and roadways would have to be changed, so as to accommodate the auto vehicles such as roads: Wi-Fi traffic lighting, and Vehicles communicating with each other on a universal level.

  13. Why would you want your car to drive itself? It is a joy to drive a car.

  14. bullshit I was the first to unlock the iphone

  15. This guy is more genius than all of Google.

  16. 155 Google employees disliked this video.

  17. Meh, he’s got nothing on those NCIS hackers.

  18. HERO

  19. well done.

  20. he could have worked with Tesla and make that company great again.

  21. Cool from how smart the guy is point but fuck self driving cars i never want one its for lazy fucks

  22. That approach is never going to get _better_ than a human though

  23. This is not new, he stole the idea from that Romanian guy Ionut Budisteanu that won the price for best self driving car invention

  24. I’ve been a fan of this guy for years! Glad to know he is doing "okay"

  25. Level 5 – no car

  26. Cool achievements the dudes personalities a bit cringe though

  27. all I see here is he can break, steal and adapt. but not built, create and innovate.

  28. That’s awesome!!! So what about night vision camera for night?

  29. This man is really a genius. Unfortunately, he had to abandon his research progress due to some law issue. What a pity.

  30. I love to drive, feel reaction and body work, and nobody can take it away from me! Burn in hell!
    Automatic car for imbecles and lazy idiots.

  31. 0:02 here in my garage

  32. No drivers license needed F your N

  33. Haar Cascade Algorithm for da win

  34. i remember when iphone was hacked by this "geohots" guy. sweet to see him in 2016, 9 years since his 2007 hack.

  35. LMFAO anyone can do this. It’s no big deal, he’s just got the money to throw.

  36. nice to have a drive less car on the way home from work

  37. I bet the day will come when you’ll leave the restaurant, get in your car, sit back, and enjoy sex on the way somewhere instead of waiting for somewhere "appropriate".

  38. Here in my garage, just made this self driving car.

  39. "Building really cool things that we want in the world"
    Yes, I agree so much with that statement.

  40. SethBling over in the minecraft community actually developed a system much like this, also taking advantage of a digital neural network. He used his software to make it play Super Mario World almost perfectly, little by little the system learns what to do and what not to do to reach an overall goal:Completing the level. Please, do go check it out.

  41. what is even self driving cars anyway
    and yay ubuntu

  42. Wow people like this guy is what motivates me as a programmer, i support you 100% sir

  43. inspiring!!

  44. This guy could end up being a millionaire if tesla or google buys him or his invention. Perhaps he could sell his driverless technology to any automobile industry which might be way behind in creating the driverless technology for their automobile industry

  45. So cool!

  46. GeoHotz The man!

  47. 2:00 LOOL nice arduino kid

  48. this guy is just a genious

  49. what about road obsticals?

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