Our experts predict a strong residual performance from the C 63 S, retaining almost 40 percent of its value after four years, although when we say ‘strong’, obviously we do so advisedly if you’re spending the other side of £70,000 on one now. It’s superior to its close rivals, anyway.
You know how it is with all cars of this ilk: tax is high and insurance is expensive, as are maintenance bills. But treat a C 63 S gently and you should see 27mpg; don’t and you’ll return under 10mpg.
Nic Cackett
Road tester
Better residuals should pay C 63 buyers back most of the car’s £7k premium over the M4 in three years
Specifying your car, is the easiest task, as we advise opting for the C 63 S model with its adaptive dampers, active differential all included as standard.
We would also consider plundering a further £1295 on Mercedes’ Premium Pack, but avoiding choosing bigger rims as it corrupts the ride.

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