It won’t have escaped your attention that Mercedes-AMG makes expensive cars, and the C 63 S Cabriolet is in that mould: an equivalent BMW M4 costs £7000 less, and the Audi RS5 Cabriolet was a sub-£70k buy when its production ended.
But when your product is as singular as this – unmatched on power, performance and handling reward and one of the only cars of its kind with a bombastic V8 – people will pay.
Matt Saunders
Chief tester
Expensive AMG drop-top is a truly special hardcore treat
The C 63 S has the material richness, tactile quality and infotainment sophistication to feel like a true luxury product.
It has the practicality and good manners, too, to be used on a range of occasions. The strings to its bow are many. And yet it’s a dedication to sporting purpose almost unprecedented in a car of this ilk that truly sets the C 63 S apart.
We won’t argue that it’s a typical four-seat drop-top, or that its uncompromising dynamic nature would suit the majority of cabriolet buyers.
They are reservations which, along with the price, cost precisely half a star’s worth of our road test estimation. But for those who’d appreciate the C 63 S Cabriolet, nothing else like it would come close.

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