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  1. GT3’s intake resonance is so amazing. That howl just does it for me.

  2. In Torque we trust.

  3. that Gallardo didn’t seem entirely stock haha whats the setup?

  4. the gt3 does 0-60 in 3.5 on paper and the amg gt(not the one edition) does 0-60 in 4 seconds on paper as the F did the amg completely blow the gt3 away?

  5. wow

  6. Joke video. Comedy shit.

  7. Take either car vs a R8 , M4 GTS, GTR Nismo, etc

    New king, lesser and greater models of SLS coming soon, this is just the GTS the GTR and plain GT rolling out !

  8. Way cool outing, for an afternoon…. Let’s get on with the dream ownership line up: The Audi RS6 Kombi for "car line" at the girls school. The Lamborghini Aventador just because. The Ferrari coupe because its yellow. Another Ferrari because its a Ferrari.  The Porsche GT3, I’m an original 993 C2S owner and GT3 anything from PAG rules the earth. The BMW 5 Series Kombi because its likely a sleeper. The Datsun er Nissan GTR Nismo because its a Tour de Force under the radar sports car. The Mercedes AMG GT coupe because there’s never been a better example of a Porsche 928 S4/GT inspired vehicle some 40 years later; V8-torque tube-gearbox chassis covered with a bubble butt coupe body……. and so on, and so on….. As a former Audi UrS6 Kombi owner – I’d be serious regarding the RS6 Kombi ownership…. (not offered in the USA)  Cheers,  Great video tape …

  9. Sweden!:-D

  10. winner Porshce 911 king

  11. magnifiques voitures!!!

  12. Gt3

  13. That wasn’t even a race.

  14. Awesome ! asphaalt team like that !

  15. merso jobia mainc

  16. V8 twin turbo vs Flat 6! you do the math

  17. q é isso q ouvi na primeira curva,,,, mb foi em bora

  18. AMG速!

  19. все хорошо, но почему в колонне нет”Бугатти верон”

  20. AMG ist der moster

  21. This video must hav been made by a 12 y/old boy

  22. power and aero is all that matters in these roll races. easy to predict winners

  23. Porsche

  24. Can you do sls vs Amg gts?

  25. the amg gts jumped it but it would still be faster anyway

  26. Porschen borde starta på 2:an…, förlorar varenda start…

  27. ° The Best or Nothing °

  28. man rich people get to have all the fun!

  29. 476 vs 510 hp … :/ and a turbo engine bad for the amg s

  30. 12 cylinder against flat 6….Bugatti will smoke that AMG in a heart beat.

  31. Damn! Didn’t know the Benz was that quick

  32. I favorite mb

  33. that merc sounds crazy at low speed while side by side. Growling

  34. good sounds

  35. noss kousana

  36. Google TESLA , Stop giving ashma to children and sound polluting our cities, grow up….

  37. самий лучше Ниссан гтр

  38. GTS defo got a jump but hey I woulda jumped the worlds best sports car too!

  39. Drag races are useless, especially from a rolling start.
    A car doesn’t go only in straight line.

  40. 30 seconds commercial… Are you kidding me

  41. i drive a Porsche Turbo and M3 vert, the GTS AMG is the car. Buying c63s coupe lunar blue 517hp v8tt instead of M4

  42. All those awesome cars in the lineup and some funkier has brought his Fiat?

  43. The AMG GTS looks EPIC in grey.

  44. who also tried to name all the different cars that were lined in a row from 1:16…

  45. är du bra ? 😀
    Was this made in sweden ?

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