Mercedes AMG GT S vs Porsche 911 Turbo | evo DEADLY RIVALS

Two of Germany’s biggest hitters go head-to-head at Anglesey Circuit. Does Mercedes’ new AMG GT S have the firepower to take on Porsche’s 991 Turbo? Dan Prosser and Dickie Meaden decide.

Watch BMW i8 vs Porsche 911 | evo DEADLY RIVALS: https://youtu.be/riXtIC4Jo-U
Watch BMW M4 vs BMW M5 | evo DEADLY RIVALS: https://youtu.be/2_s4PnHyQCs

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  1. Honestly not everyone will like this but I can’t take Mercedes as a sports company luxury yes sports no. You don’t put Jordan and Tyson in the ring and expect Jordan to have a chance. I saw the Mercedes take many attempts towards the win which are great efforts but you can’t expect it come be on the same level as the Porche no way it’s pure logic which you cannot fight.

  2. I want both in all colors…. pleeeease

  3. Es handelt sich um ein bad ass Autos! Sie kΓΆnnen nichts falsch machen mit entweder Leute.

  4. so how come this car are rivals? just because of the amount they cost? o.O?

  5. I imagine the 911’s rear-wheel steering is giving at least as much of an advantage as the 4WD is, not that that detracts in anyway from its victory.

  6. At Lacuna Seca the Mers is quicker than Porsh 911 turbo. Is cheaper and more beautiful. Please we know the winner!!!!

  7. THE AMG is the BETTER CAR.. just look at that πŸ’©Porsche Interior.. πŸ˜‚
    200000 Euro for that πŸ’©

  8. who cares about 1.8 seconds? it all depends on driver’s performance

  9. Maybe the Porsche is for some ” faster but Has more hp and AWD, So Amg is mor beautiful and more AMAZING, SO FAKC PORCHE!

  10. don’t forget that the suspension on the Porsche is McPherson strut front and rear the same suspension you find on a car under $30,000 and the Mercedes has double wishbone suspension front and multi link in the rear the same suspension you would fond on any Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ferrari, lotus,and all of the other high end cars.

  11. That is mainly the reason why top gear had been much more successful. Why don’t they understand the facts are boring?

  12. A 911 GTS is a much more reasonable competitor to this car in terms of price and features. The Turbo costs $17000 more and is bare bones on the inside, whereas the AMG GT is fully loaded. Not to mention the 4 wheel drive advantage of the turbo

  13. I want both! My Astra will have to do though πŸ™

  14. In what world is that a conclusion?! So because the 911 is quicker round a circit, it wins. F##king Bullshit

  15. These "supercars" best perform on a race track and there aren’t many race tracks in every part of where you live. So for the most part those 2 cars will be used on everyday roads where you can’t truly test what they’re made of. So the 1-2 second difference between the Porsche and the Mercedes really doesn’t matter.

    What does matter no matter what road you’re on is the look of the car. Which looks more aggressive? Which has the more visually appealing design inside and out? The AMG GTS wins that by a mile.

    The AMG GTS actually looks like a supercar, it’s more likely to get people’s attention because it looks more like the Lamborghini/Ferrari caliber of cars while the Porsche 911 have had the same design on their cars for the past 10-20 years and so it doesn’t stand out. The $170,000 Porsce 911 GTR looks exactly like the $50,000 Boxster. They all look the same just add or take away a spoiler and change the wheels, everything else looks the same.

  16. the Mercedes AMG GT S is way better looking

  17. That merc is a thing of beauty and craftsmanship, porsche just seems less connected with the driver and no thunder from the engine unlike the amg. Just my opinion

  18. Mercedes amg gts d best ..

  19. I like both cars but the turbo is 30k more. I understand to some its not a problem but that AMG is some really nice caviar to own which would be my taste (especially in yellow)

  20. porsche is quicker because u are not a pro driver…… because on almost every circuit that amg is quicker than a 911…..

  21. Your stupd

  22. My 2 favourite car brands!

  23. 991.2???

  24. total fail from Mercedes, please never do this again… you can’t compete with Porsche , stay on the luxury&comfort area that you are known for.

  25. It says 911 Turbo on the title of this video but it says 991 Turbo in the description. I don’t get it.

  26. If it was rwd Porsche…I would go with the Amg I just like weight on that front axle but awd and Porsche just work

  27. I like UK car shows, but I feel like it’s a bad place to set up a car show because of the unpredictable weather. How many times in a year do you get a perfect weather like this in the UK?

  28. mercedes says they will take on the 911 with the amg gt….hey mean actually the c2! πŸ˜‰

  29. I just don’t know why people dont test the GT3 VS AMGGTS.. is gonna be so close

  30. would take the amg. it’s all about the crazyness.

  31. Isn’t it a little unfair to compare an awd/4wd 911 with a rwd GTS? Seems like a biased review to me and to be honest, if the gts was only 1.8 slower on 2 wheels, that’s REALLY BAD for the 911…

  32. LOL so much for the AMG commercial saying "The car you dreamt of has just been over taken"

    id Still buy the amg though

  33. Another victim of the Porsche 911

  34. Front axel??

  35. awesome comparison! Thanks 😊

  36. Power aside. Love the porsche’s exterior and merc’s interior.

  37. Yeah but the Porsche is clearly less work to drive fast in. You see how busy the fast lap driver in the AMG was compared to the Porsche? Sold on the 911… I’d get bored of the GT after 6 months.

  38. I think if GTS was AWD the best car in this compare was AMG

  39. nice

  40. i dont like the look of 997 but damn im in love with how the 991 looks damn that car is such a beauty…

  41. I like them both.

  42. JetliFan,
    Sorry for the confusion! I am 51 and have had 9 Porsche’s since my first one when I was 23. I so wish I could afford 918 Spyder!!!! Let both keep praying that our dreams come true for such a killer car! Take Care!

  43. The Merc could be half the performance of the 911 and I’d still drive it for the looks alone. One of the best looking grand tourers ever built.

  44. One of the most poignant, no-nonsense, get-down-to-performance reviews I’ve ever seen. I thank you, Evo dudes, for this! Truly. I am so grateful.

    I’m ordering my AMG tomorrow, partially due to this wonderful test and feedback video.

  45. the porsche is faster on a track, but no one drives such a car on a track. the porsche is boring, I would take the AMG all day, looks better, sounds (way) better, WAY better interior. its just the cooler car, and I think its more fun to drive in normal traffic.

  46. Funny that the AMG is faster than your Turbo on WillowSpring.. which is a real RaceTrack.. and both Cars were driven by Randy Pobst.. a real RACING DRIVER Who can handle a RWD CAR.. Not like you.. AMATEUR πŸ˜₯

  47. I have the 2015 911 turbo and it is by far the best Porsche I have ever driven! It’s like driving with crazy glue on your tires! Just insane! I have been blessed to have 9 Porsches and Porsche took this turbo to another level. But I have to say that the AMG GTS interior is one of the coolest I have ever seen. I think if you want a very cool stand out the GTS is just an incredible car too! It’s is marvelous that these manufacturers give us car lovers these incredible choices to play with! I’m going to order one of these GTS since I think it’s a very unique looking ride with great performance and love the rumble coming out of the exhaust!! Thank you for the comparison!!!!

  48. Every video I see this guy in they always give him the keys to AMGs for him to shit on them that’s why I wasn’t surprised at what he will say in the end he’s a Porsche and BMW man so he won’t get it .

  49. AWD+porsche? it might be quicker but still….boring
    AMG GT S is a PROPER super car

  50. At this sector in the market speed is getting so ludicrous that 0-60 and the like should be close to irrelevant pub talk (the entry level mid-engined ferrari has Enzo power, where do you go from there?). In the real world, the Porsche is the better car with AWD and vestigial rear seats, but having been in a neighbor’s AMG GT S (ridden and driven), clearly that makes you feel more special than a hotted up 2017 Carrera with that sound, looks, and ubiquitous but near flawless Mercedes interior . If you want numbers, buy a 911 turbo, it’s better, but for everything else there’s AMG. Coming from someone who really did not think anything of the car until he got in it. Shame the R8 isn’t getting a lower entry model yet, that’d be the fiercest 911 rival to date with S-tronic and turbo v8 (or I5, rumors say).

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