Mercedes AMG GTS vs Porsche 911 Carrera GTS – Top Gear: Drag Races

The mighty GT S takes on Porsche’s venerable 911. Who will win?

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  1. Mercedes-Benz the best

  2. where is the f type??????

  3. Wait this is not top gear, this is bs.

  4. 7000th like!

  5. hi

  6. Oliver Marriage is rubbish. Learn how to drive, mate.

  7. its the old 911 lame!

  8. AMG GTS unvelieble

  9. So the car with 80 more hp won lol

  10. chanel is bot??

  11. this is really rubbish and soo painful to watch. R.I.P top gear

  12. There is no car with the same hp as a porsche that wins against a porsche

  13. Do any of these guy have working testicles? Jeremy should have apologized to the producer, which I would guess he did, then move on, this show in this brief video has been utterly destroyed.

  14. Wielki sportowiec prostej. Pokonaj porshe na krętej drodze. Liczy się średni czas przejazdu a nie przyspieszenie na 400 metrów.

  15. Since there’s noticeable weight difference between the two and they were on par on acceleration, Porsche has to rely on horsepower and aerodynamics while Mercedes on torque.

  16. BRING

  17. Ironic that they use a British flag to get two German cars off the line.

  18. Typical moron on Porshe with stupid iphone. Merc for real men!

  19. Boring AF

  20. wat you say bald man?

  21. This Show is dead now it Sucks, Hate this show now. Bring back the old crew or this show will fail

  22. lol racing and not even using flappy gear paddles smh

  23. this is one of the most boring top gear drags i have ever seen

  24. terribly drab..hey top gear 1080p.. fast cars..and two blokes does not a car show make…you need character and charisma!!

  25. AMG GT vs 911 GTS or AMG GTS vs 911 Turbo not this

  26. use dat pdk tho, stop shifting urself.

  27. E.""

  28. slowest car from porsche lineup vs fastest car from merc

  29. Мы русские даже тут есть.

  30. well done merc this one was good one

  31. Marylin Monroe or the GTS…

    …definetely the GTS

  32. Should have used the 911 Turbo.

  33. Now they prefer easy damage biturbo intercooler petrol engines. 6l/km know as 6 metre per liter.

  34. Porsche 😍😍😍

  35. Getting away from the fact that there are no original presenters, is there anything ELSE wrong with the drag race?

  36. I am unsubscribing from this channel…

  37. порше говнооо

  38. Sorry but, the AMG would die on a track. It would be way to tail happy. Power isnt everything

  39. hahah complete failure without Richard

  40. Mercedes power

  41. A mazda add on a $100000 even more car showcase really

  42. Im loving Mercedes amg gts

  43. hımm wonder what would happen againts a turbo? 😀

  44. The Porsche won by the first 10 seconds. Thats enough to know this AMG GTS is a bullshit car cause its all about the stoplights racing.

  45. How are they not saying Porsche correctly? PUT ME ON THE SHOW PLEASE.


  47. I would still take the Porsche, though……….

  48. Both are dream cars. amg is all about power but the porsche would definitly win on track. Everyone who has ever driven a porsche and an amg knows porsche are better sportcars. No hate here, both are amazing cars. still i would choose the porsche

  49. I don’t know why people are so butthurt still. Its still a decently good show.

  50. All you people disliking these vids clearly arent car fans, im happy to see all of these cars race regardless of whos driving and these guys arent the new top gear hosts.

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