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“It’s not enough to just look good and have a premium badge on the bonnet. The best executive cars are also extremely comfortable, quiet and relaxing to drive, powerful but economical with low levels of CO2 emissions.”

Watch our latest video: http://bit.ly/carbuyervideos
Mercedes C-Class review: http://bit.ly/1vRdqAP
BMW 3 Series review: http://bit.ly/1lQzal7
Audi A4 review: http://bit.ly/1qjT0gb

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  1. I just wish that they would do this video again, but with the newer generation A4 as it makes it more fair, and the Audi would run its four rings round the 3 Series and the C-Class.

  2. BMW wins again! What a surprise.

  3. verspung deutch autos = )     downside=myspellings =)

  4. bbbbbullshit, its easy to see that the guy is a BMW fan, he is not even hiding it. You can also see it on other videos he has made. He loves BMW more than his kids. When you get a impartial reviewer to judge the cars you can call me and tell who won. babye

  5. fantastic review, practical review; honest review and my fav BMW won 🙂 ! Becoming a huge fan of your channel and review guyz way to go. I’m an owner of E46 2001 318i now im moving on to E90 320i 2005 🙂 ! Proud to be fan and owner of Beamer babies 🙂

  6. 4:04 That face tho 🙂

  7. ofcourse bmw and mercedes are better than audi( but bmw is the best)

  8. the bmw for real man and big tough guy who prefer drive over luxury
    MB for girl and sissy and gay how prefer lexuray and sissy thing
    audi is just for looser who try to show them selves
    for me i take the bmw

  9. Ginny is HOT

  10. Audi A4 smokes all of them. GO AUDI.

  11. Should have compared the AMG Line C class to the sports version of the others.

  12. I wonder how much the BMW pays them ?

  13. They said they were going to review the cars overall and not engine or specs but then at the end they say the Mercedes isn’t as good because of the 2.1 diesel??????

    LOGIC 😂😂😂😂

  14. These cars are money pit machines. So sad they look, and drive well but you need $$$$$$$$ to maintain. And they brake down all the time. 🙄

  15. For sure 2016 model of the 320I sucks it runs to third place because I can not click the touch screen on the top not sensitive and you will die with Broken Knees in a BMW IIHS shows a Marginal Rating

  16. I love BMW.
    But you get a better overall deal with Mercedes if considering a comfy cruiser. With a few options the BMW becomes way much more expensive than the C class.

    If considering Audi think about this: you’re just buying a Skoda Octavia with a nice expensive wrapping to pretend you’re in the same class as BMW or Mercedes (which is fine, but not my philosophy).

  17. hell yeah, have my new BMW 2016 3 series this whole year and I love it. I use to drive c-class around town for my old job, nothing can compare to the sports feel and great suspension you’d expect the ultimate driving machine to have!! #BeamerAllDay

  18. 70mpg? how is tat possible??!?

  19. verdy

  20. BMW

  21. audi a4 is just like it was made 10 years agoo..i’D preffer the bmw e46 on it ….mercedes isnt that perfect car ( the outfit is so annoying) its like gd but not for me ..for ma grandpa ….. bmw is the best guys …amazing agressive outfit ..and fast and effecient etc ..bnw is the beeessstt

  22. Agree Audi A4 is a Entry level vehicle but lets see these guys in 2017 model

  23. poor audi way to fail again

  24. makes me laugh !! The 320d is the best all round car on our roads by a country mile. Anyone who thinks they are a driver and prefers the A4 is off their nut.The Quattro sacrifices weight for grip. The merc has the build quality of a 70s Lada. No coincidence the BMW is always voted the best small saloon year in year out. They haven’t been conning the old emissions either like Audi/VW and I can testify that you can get 60mpg on a run not like some manufacturers dream.30 quid a year road tax 60mpg 146 mph. No contest

  25. BMW usually driven by faggot guys any1 can buy a 320D these days value depreciates rapidly.
    The c class is better all round with newer technology. That 3 series is getting old from 2012.

  26. look at matt’s face at 4:04

  27. but wait the mercedes has a 4 cylinder turbo vs the bmw 3 series 3.0 v6 of course bmw will be better

  28. it really does just come down to what matters most to you when you’re looking for a car like this. The BMW is a true sports sedan with luxury on top. The Mercedes is a true luxury car with sport on top.

  29. Mecerdes is the best audi ugly bmw slow

  30. Mercedes got a 2.0 L engine freaking weaks…

  31. going to buy e class

  32. I would love to get a BMW3 Series someday! Peace everyone! Hope you guys do a review of 2016 model. Thanks and God bless you!

  33. c class

  34. i have the 2015 Mercedes C 300 in white (premium pkg) and its just great to drive.

  35. Hey Carbuyer have you made an updated comparison 2016 video ?

  36. Merc looks like a Hyundai lol

  37. 👍

  38. 1.BMW 2.Merc 3.Audi

  39. such a biased video. paid by MB

  40. Lol at the guys face @ 4:04 & BMWs>

  41. @16 – you buy a car . @ 21 , you buy what you can afford . @ 25 you buy what she tells you to buy & car seats . @ 55 you get what you want – a " big boyz " car . Make mine a Mercedes Benz , please ….

  42. Mercedes: For the real rich people that know what they want.
    Audi: For the dudes that want speed and some luxury at the same time.
    BMW: For the dream-alot teenage boys that couldn’t think of anything better.

  43. bmw is my favourite

  44. Choosing the Top and most sporty version of the BMW vs the vs basic version of the MB and Audi Just isn’t fair. And of course the driving performance (with the top engine and optional suspension) was the reason to declare the BMW winner.

  45. Benz blows the other two out of the water in terms of exterior and interior styling

  46. Benzes and BMW’s are the real ones, Audi it’s just the side dish without taste.
    Benz, BMW > Audi

  47. The real question is which one is more reliable?

  48. The Mercedes is the best.

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