Mercedes C63 vs BMW M3 vs Audi RS5!

Mercedes C63 vs BMW M3 vs Audi RS5!
We compare the latest BMW M3 coupe with the new Audi RS5 coupe, and we bring in the Mercedes C63 AMG Break to deliver us some snacks…

High-res via http://www.abhd.nl/video/audi-rs5-vs-bmw-m3-vs-mercedes-c63/

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  1. Auto.s

  2. BMW M3 KING

  3. BMW iz the Man !!

  4. The RS5 with a Kreiseg F1 exhaust is the shit

  5. c63

  6. Mercedes for ever

  7. hhhhh best vedeo

  8. very very nice BMW <3

  9. M3 is the best

  10. Audi RS 100% favorite!

  11. hi

  12. mercedes is the king and will always be

  13. i would take the c63 for everyday car and the m3 for track car or if you dont have kids

  14. audi rs5 and 7 are beasts

  15. idiot you can’t compare 2 coupe’s with c63 T-model

  16. C63 AMG all the way

  17. merceded

  18. Blijft mooi filmpje

  19. Always MB but why those stupid hollanders took the kombi crap to this test?

  20. This video is piece of shit ! what do you mean by putting your baby like that ? your cars in more important ? Shit

  21. Wtf, did not expect that from the M3.

  22. BMW <3

  23. AMG!!!

  24. BMW for me

  25. 1-Audi

  26. M3♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  27. lol ik kijk dit in 2017

  28. fak of

  29. The BMW M3 in NEVER gonna be faster than a C400,how can you ever think about a cheap BMW M3 to probably bat a RS5 or a C63????!!!!

  30. RS5

  31. Fuck the kid?! Still laughing!!!

  32. Става ако си юъж

  33. AUDI RS5

  34. Audi Rs5 <3

  35. C63 is the best!

  36. dutch

  37. wtf

  38. child abuse lol

  39. 3:31 Volvo RS5?

  40. fuck !!!!!! but WHY the c63 is a break ???????????? fuck

  41. At 0:57 "oh shit" is the only two works I understood. CC cool function.

  42. The German Killer cars nothing can get between them

  43. audirs5

  44. mercedes

  45. Audi > Mercedes > BMW

  46. Excellent, dream cars above all the RS5 !

  47. AUDI

  48. Thats the ugliest language i have ever heard.

  49. ilk baştaki çok güzel

  50. bmw 3 👍

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