Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe vs Porsche Panamera Turbo S

We hit the streets of Birmingham and the test track to see which is best – the Mercedes S63 AMG coupe or the Porsche Panamera Turbo S.

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  1. I’m sick of these illiterate Brits from ghettos testing these cars! They know nothing and feel nothing! Both of these cars look like shit and ride like ! I’ve test driven both !! A waste of money for Real losers with nothing better to do!

  2. Porsche is Porsche 100% pure German it’s fun and luxury .
    MB 75% made in China 😂 and its only for old men

  3. Panamera is ugly as fuck. It doesn’t even look like a Porsche

  4. Should have been against S65

  5. I would argue Bentley is more luxurious but this is also a very good choice

  6. Mercedes is better sport limo car more elegant car with power
    Porsche is better sport car with all options plus best double cluth PDK fast ever still elegant but more against M5 and E63 AMG

  7. comparing a 4 door sedan against a 2 door sports car and wonder which looks better.

    a fair comparison is Porsche Panamera Turbo S vs Mercedes S63 AMG Sedan

  8. Lol at the guy at 0:23 "the power, the looks, the luxury, the technology"…. doesn’t even know what car it is

  9. The performance test isn’t exactly fair. Porsche can build the Panamera from scratch, whereas AMG has to use the normal S-Class.

  10. There’s no dual-clutch box in the Merc.

  11. But I would get the S65 though

  12. @ 5:57 Super Pursuit Mode!

  13. listen when it comes to luxury, technology, interior comfort, speed, just straight beast nothing….I mean nothing is touching Mercedes s class coupe. the s63 is just beast but when you step it up and talk s65……well that is just on a whole Nother level. the s65 beats out Aston Martin Rapide, Bentley Continental GT, Definitely this Porsche, Maserati, everything in it’s class. with Mercedes it really is the best or nothing at all.

  14. yes the mercedes might be better looking but the porsche have more presence

  15. Either would be fantastic. The merc is more luxurious, but the porsche is faster, handles better and can carry more stuff, almost a wagon with the back seats down. To me, the exterior looks are a toss up.

  16. There is no question in which one is best. The Merc is easily the best because it looks way better (especially compared to the porsche in the video which has a shit colour). And most of the people who buy these car drive them on the road, which is where the Merc smashes the porsche.

  17. They are fucking luxury cars not sports cars!

  18. I think that the Porsche looks better than the Mercedes, yet nothing can beat the interior of that Mercedes, it just looks superlative.

  19. ///// AMG

  20. Well, the look can’t really be compared, take the Porsche in full black like the Mercedes and you get a completly different car. But obviously the High-tech side of the AMG and the fact it’s all new and not 6 years old as a model, get it a W.

  21. What’s up, yoB I t’s e x c e l l e n v. rambunctious well-to-do " !!!!

  22. the porsche Panamera is over 7 yrs old. the mercedes is brand new……. i have no idea why these cars are being compared?

  23. When the black guy said he could see himself in it..who else though only if he robbed it

  24. first why will auto express compare a nice black amg model against a dull colour Porsche why not white Porsche with black alloys at least and when he was asking people he packed the Porsche on the the other side and mec right in front of people’s eyes . why didn’t they use a black Porsche as well with nice wheels and a lighter interior. that would be fare . Let me say why didn’t they use a CLS as it has 4 doors not a coupé s class as it’s not a direct competitor. what a biased review.

  25. Panamera is ugly as hell

  26. Alright well first of all you shouldn’t have put a 5 door sedan against a coupe, and by my surprise it even beat it. Put the normal S63/S65 AMG against the Panamera and it will smoke it. Yes the Merc looks better,and with the LED lights inside it looks like you’re driving a spaceship.But no way in hell can you compare them speed wise, Porsche’s are built to be fast while luxurious, while Merc’s focus heavily on luxury. Anyway Merc fanboys, you can be as salty as you want, Porsche cars are faster than their Merc rivals. That’s about it. Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach package > All Mercedes Benz models.

  27. I don’t understand this comparison. The Panamera’s competition would be the 6 series, CLS Class, And variants of the A7 why compare it to a luxury coupe? I’m thinking the S63 should have been put up against a Bentley Continental GT or Aston Martin Vanquish or Ferrari FF

  28. at this our not a car could compare with s classe or s coupe

  29. The s class coupe is the best

  30. Well done! Those comparisons make sense ,, if anyone who will buy the turbo s , he doesn’t consider about four people , it ‘s for two . If you buy for more passenger,people would choose turbo or gts even cheaper ones

  31. This guy make good car tests

  32. The benz looks flashier but I personally think the Panamera looks better…cleaner lines, simple, and more modern than the benz…..

  33. Is just amazing My opinien is 100% the same
    If you want sport car track car pic up porsche
    But if you looking for a Elegant and comfortable pic up mercedes

  34. let’s be honest in this review you can instanly tell that the reviewer really wants the mecerdes to win . The Porsche won on the drag race but the way he mentioned it it’s like it’s not a big deal. If Porsche was against Audi he will would have favoured the Porsche so the whole review becomes boring coz of that .The moment he started criticizing Porsche on the track saying it’s finding it hard to find balance on that coner tells us about him being biased coz we all know Porsche is a track car. For the record ,this guy likes Bmw , Mercedes more than Porsche especially on this review. Biased biased boring . So if Panamera is. faster on a straight line that mean Rs7 is faster than this big daddy S63 coupe. Very interesting.

  35. the british car videos always want to put me to sleep

  36. Such a good review! I wish more reviews came to a conclusion like this – not all cars have to be better or worse than others, they can just be different!!

  37. S class all the way

  38. This guy really likes the word really…really he does…really….lol

  39. still would take the Porsche

  40. you are fucked up bro.
    The merc S63 AMG can do things that even your shitty brain can’t think about. so stfu pls.

  41. of course its the mercrdes

  42. Heya. It looks interesting. lunch old-fashioned What’s your opinion about it, guys 1!

  43. Most glamorous, holy shit is this what car reviews have come down to?
    Over an everyday road trip in a hurry the Porsche would rip the Merc a new one!
    A review full of contradictions, you guys need to establish what you’re trying to achieve with your testing ,stop trying to be all things to all men and be honest and

  44. i choose the class s coupe with out thinking

  45. looks should not off set actual facts perceived by legendary hallmarks of quality but Panamera is the more ideal premium sports car.

    I dare any automaker to match or exceed handling tuning and dynamics of a Porsche or BMW.

    These are criteria they almost always have set the benchmark for.

    Merc is up there but not quite exceeding who made and set the benchmark in this criteria.

  46. I am glad that you did not blow the trans on the Mercedes as mine did just over 3000 miles. Imagine being very proud of your 2015 S550 coupe, park to have  a coffee and get out to find the shift in reverse does not engage. Now, you have to get out and push this beautiful machine in the parking lot…….. very disappointed

  47. Strange comparison – are these REALLY track day cars? I think not…Merc it is.

  48. S Class Coupe for me Style Refinement and Power in one package

  49. I’d go for the Merc! Beauftiful coupe.


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