Mobil Million Mile BMW 325i

Mobil1 tests synthetics on a BMW e30 325i through a rough one million miles. Mobil drives the important point that synthetics oil and gas additives preserve the mechanicals. The other important factor to note is the engine chosen is of the most durable that BMW ever designed. It is not unusual to see 400k mile m20b25 or b27 engines on the road today.

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  1. Not a valid test. There is no acceleration of deceleration, changes in outdoor temperatures or loads on the engine that it would experience in real world driving.

  2. I just switched from Pennzoil to Mobil 1 and I am impressed. I think I will stick with the Mobil 1.

  3. propoganda, keep em burning and stop the learning

  4. this is a pure advertisement for mobil oil.

  5. How’d the power band and blinker fluid look?

  6. Highway miles are a joke, does no damage…This is to be expected…

  7. 90 percent of engine wear happens during cold starts.

  8. And this is why, highway mileage is better for your motor.

  9. Any car will last you that long if you do regular factory recommend maintenance and regular old change of either 3000 miles if you use those jiffy lube,midas and others or do your own oil change with good quality oil at every 5000 miles.
    My Toyota camry has almost half a million miles and I do every 3000 miles oil change tire rotation and other stuff. No problems yet.
    I never used mobile1 yet

  10. Mobil one synthetic is very good oil

  11. IMHO Mobil 1 oil is over advertised. There are a lot of better oils on the market.

  12. this just shows how little engine wears if it doesn’t have everyday cold starts, engine is always warm and it is serviced often…

  13. without the super-fine built engine, what oil can do? I’d rather give credits to car manufacture. This video just tries to change of concept.

  14. Your electronics still work after 1,000,000 miles!

  15. After 1000000 miles there were no wear and tear on the seats, thanks to Mobil 1!

  16. This video was old enough to be filmed when these cars were new!

  17. this was all highway milage

  18. I’m a huge fan of Mobil 1 oils and use them exclusively, but this test is bogus. Simulating 1m miles in a lab is nowhere near the same thing as driving 1m miles out in the real world. I guess such minimal wear is still impressive though.

  19. i wanna ask 1 think where r the air pressure and dirt rain dirt air and strom and load with 5 to 6 people what about heat and cold what about stop and start again did u start it 1000 times did brake the engine 1 millon times did ur tyer flate all the things damge rings and engine

  20. controolled air in a clean lab/workspace. I think they didn’t account for all the pollution in the atmospheres when actually on the freeway

  21. Hi Mobil. Sell me your Bmw

  22. the m20 engine is a solid engine the rockerarms was a problem but the engine block was good for 3 cams and rockers

  23. "Virtually brand new, never driven, 150km"

  24. amsoil and Castrol haters gonna hate

  25. What about changing the gear oil?

  26. Thanks Mobil one now I’m using Royal purple hps on my vehicle

  27. I’ve used Mobil1 for years in everything I own but this test seems a little overly hyped

    They make a great product but I didn’t like this cheesy 80’s style generic video

    C’mon Mobil/Exxon, Not all of us are idiot non-mechanically inclined users of your products. Just do a test and keep all that fancy talk to a minimum

  28. The brakes were brand new after 1000000 miles!! Amazing. thanks mobil

  29. How clean would the fluids and engine be with a little road dirt? This test is great for how the engine operates "in a test tube."

  30. Did you hear me ever mention Quaker State anything? I mentioned high end synthetics. You do know that Mobil has changed its base stock over the years…I see you never tried to say anything ignorant about lubro moly or Motul. Castrol is also recommended by guess who…BMW. Mobil 1 is a very good synthetic and it’s priced well, but is it the absolute best? I’m not ready to go that far.

  31. That BMW 325 i can run a million even with canola oil…

  32. can you imagine the amount of money in gasoline and oil they spent to make this test??.this is a faulty test because most drivers cant afford to have there valve clearances adjusted every 30,000 miles, that cost money…if everybody could do all these maintainence adjustments all cars would run for 1000000 miles…should have just drove the car all those miles like a normal car…then the test would be more valid…

  33. If shell did this I’d be impressed with 10,000 miles on their fuel.

  34. This seems more a testament to regular maintenance than anything else, regardless of how unrealistic the conditions were.

  35. Mobil1 suck my dick.

  36. wear happens most during the ignition

  37. BMW lasting million miles 🤔 my Audi on the other hand 😎

  38. of couse engine was like new after million miles of constant driving. try to start engine at cold temperatures 30 times a day and show it to me after a 100K. pfff..

  39. Göbi miatt jöttem.

  40. 5w-40 ?? 10w 40 ???

  41. no pussy in 4 years Thanks Mobile 1

  42. The Ultimate Driving Machine.

  43. probably the tyres also lasted the whole trip 😀

  44. Sell this brand new looking e30 displaying 0 miles on it.

  45. Mobil one synthetic is very good oil

  46. Been using mobil 1 regulary for 25 years now and has never let me down.
    Remember it used to say about this 1 million mile bmw on the back of the oil can many years ago.
    The only thing about this test i think they did not stop start the car every 15 miles or so which is an average trip to work and most wear occurs at start up of course.
    But still it adhere’s and protects the engine when you turn off and when you start there’s virtually no wear because its already adhered to the components.
    Before i used mobil 1 i used to get black sludge everywhere in the engine,sump etc,using quality mineral oil,but when i first used mobil 1 it cleaned the engine up very soon after,absolutely amazed i was and a increase in performance too due to less friction.
    Still the best oil today and if you have a top class car you need top class oil of course.

  47. mobil is shit oil lol

  48. Classic case of both Mobil and BMW rubbing each other’s back. The BMW tested was an E30, try doing it with the late model E90 or F130 and see how long it will last.

  49. Mobil one keeps that pussy moist and fresh.

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