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  1. Wow 350 HP way back in 91!

  2. after the last few years of  10+  shades of silver, these colors are like a breath of fresh air….or at least a pleasant memory 😉

  3. Here’s a MotorWeek Retro Review of the Porsche 911 Turbo from 1991.

  4. I’ll take any color except pink.

  5. To me, all 911’s look really good through the 993’s. The 996 was a huge step back. My dream car would be a 1996 911 turbo

  6. I’d rock a yellow one.  Porsches are among the only cars that look good to me in yellow.

  7. This is a great looking car, really stands the test of time.

  8. That have to bring this body back. The current one looks like its for girls.

  9. "My Porsche is best Porsche because no radiator…"

    -Mr Regular

  10. It’d be pretty cool to see this entire episode.

  11. After all these years it’s still one of the best cars in the world!

  12. I have this old episode on VHS and it has the ’57 Speedster, the 959 and 917 (w/ Vic Elford) as well. The 917 segment was pretty cool.

  13. Good thing John Davis had some extra protection in the form of elbow pads to protect him from the 911 Turbo

  14. Best looking 911 model to date.

  15. Wow. That black 1975 turbo was a dream…

  16. I still believe the only car that can look good with a whale tail is the 911

  17. I would rock any color 911 turbo because……. Plastidip


  19. Ill take mine in black please….

  20. You’re damn right its limited. No cup holder, no back seat. It’s a shiny dick with two chairs in it.

  21. I miss this body style so badly. Too bad the handling was so twitchy in these beasts.

  22. Can’t get enough of the intro music

  23. the car that fuck up a shelby cobra in bad boys

  24. Best body kit so far, the new 911’s are 20 cm (front) longer and 15 cm wider. That’s a ridiculous amount of area to compensate the lack of front grip.

  25. still my fav

  26. That car is gorgeous. His gut is grotesque.

  27. I like my 1994 Wide Body 911 C4 the best.

  28. Man I miss these days! This was when Porsche quality actually meant something. None of this pop the hood and see an abundance of recycled water bottles (plastic) everywhere. Not only that, but Porsche engineers were better back then, now all we have is one disaster after another: IMS, RMS, scored cylinders, coolant pipes, etc. The amount of scored cylinders that have been popping up in Porsche engines is alarming… What the hell is going on over in Stuttgart these days where they can’t even build a engine to LAST?

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