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  1. thats nearly maserati territory money!

  2. The 911 might be just TOO perfect of a car!! 😉

  3. did this car have launch control when u guys did the 0-60mph in 4secs?

  4. I have a 1999, 911 Carerra Cabriolet. The first year of the water cooled engine. When I bought the car several years ago, the previous owner hadn’t taken good care of the car. It needed immediate, almost emergency engine work after I bought it. After replacing the clutch, brakes & other usual maintenance through the years, the car has been an absolute gem. Here’s an interesting fact: 75% of all Porsches ever made are still on the road.

  5. Why is this car faster than the GT3? And why does GT3 costs so much more?

  6. @TheArfdog they typically rate at the crank, remember, with the engine over the rear wheels its a launching machine, it also is quite light.

  7. i luv my 911s 🙂

  8. sure it can’t handle like a 911, nothing can in its price range (except GT-R) but maserati has back seats and a proper trunk. I have no problem with a under
    100k porsche 911 but over that its maserati territory

  9. yes porsche has been doing better lately than maserati, everyone has, but maserati still exists because its a valuable nameplate. Remember that porsche only has done better than maserati because it has been saved by the german government a millions times.
    Think of it as this, a new M3 is better than an older Ferrari 355, but which one would you rather have (forget about money and think about it)

  10. "I’m Troy Mcclure"

  11. talking of class, on the scale of 1 to 10, Porsche is 10 and Maserati is somewhere at 4.
    why the hell are we comparing these two btfw?

  12. this is the second set of rims porsche has swiped from the corvette with the 2005 now the z06. you would think the be a little more creative..nice look tho.

  13. True points, but it still weighs about the average amount for a car (3000 lbs), so to achieve 117 mph 1/4 mile speed requires POWER. And this seems to make 400 wheel horsepower!

  14. Nice car, but wrong color and get rid of the PDK auto shifter, rather go with a white Carrera with manual gearbox!!!

  15. for that kind of cake you can get a car with more performance than that! M5!CTS-v or even biuld your own

  16. maserati’s can’t handle though

  17. forget it!
    he is just a kid that plays to much need for speed

  18. Porsche-DuppelKupplung-(getriebe) how hard is it?

  19. Maserati was breaking down a long time ago too.. absolute crap and poor relation to Ferrari.

  20. i have to agree with you that supercars should be driven with a clutch….. porsche built PDK as a technological showcase to the world that they too can make a fast-shifting sequential gearbox… viva la manual

  21. A Ferrari is desirable where as a Maserati just isn’t.

  22. Goddamn 1/4 @ 117 mph? Does Porsche rate their cars in RWHP or something?? That engine is making at least 400 hp!

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