NASA Satellite Falls On Car

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People are asked to keep an eye on a car, but are distracted helping a man on crutches tie his shoes. When they get back to the car, they see that a NASA satellite with smoke coming out of it has fallen from space right onto the hood of the car they were supposed to watch. Then a van full of men in black suits pulls up. The men talk on their cell phones, take the satellite away and speed off, leaving the victims with an unbelievable story to tell.

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  1. This is my favourite prank so far.

  2. Cool stuff

  3. i watched it in 2016

  4. Q chida broma

  5. Lol

  6. I was sick and depressed and your video are making me feel so much better! Thx xx

  7. holy crap that thing is ancient lol

  8. that Asian girl is so gullible. So cute, ha ha

  9. lol i wouldn’t fall for that bullcrap

  10. whats is name music of nasa

  11. check out Arlen Roth’s version of house of the rising sun on youtube…Killer!!!

  12. Poor dodge neon

  13. the fake laughs just make it unfunny….

  14. "The House Of The Rising Sun" performed by The Animals.

  15. The music is lit though. Anyone know the title ?

  16. Why did it say NASA along with the American flag on it? It is Clearly The Soviet Sputnik

  17. Now you know. 🙂

  18. AWESOME!

  19. that chinese girl is so cute

  20. 1:13 "what the hell"

  21. I wanna marry whit the glasses girl. The last one. She is so beautiful

  22. I always find the channel interesting and fun to watch

  23. an this is how stupid people are…..wow

  24. What’s the music ?? it sounds very familiar.

  25. Thank You Brother

  26. What is the song being played in the background?

  27. Animals

  28. Brilliant! This must be the best JFL gag I’ve seen, both in set-up and execution!

  29. Sputnik-1 / ED-E :3 kawaii~

  30. Hahaha Great Stuff!

  31. I just like how people just look up

  32. house of the risin sun is the song


  34. 01:03 but first let me take a picture

  35. Que video tan mas estupido ese satelite es el sputnik ruso y le ponen nasa y la bandera pedorra de estados unidos? Jaja

  36. Why did you guys have to add laughing in the background… Just play the normal audio jeez….

  37. Obvi fake



  39. aaah the Sputnik: one of NASA’s greatest achievements in space travel. Poyekhali!

  40. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps *all* of the people in this video are actors, i.e., it’s not really a prank, it’s a skit. Even so, it’s still very funny.

  41. This was their best prank!!

  42. This lady pulled out a flip phone

  43. Its ironic that its called nasa satellite when the design is a russian satellite.

  44. Lol

  45. What’s the background music theme?

  46. whats isla name song please

  47. house of the risin sun

  48. American Sputnik reenters and is fully Comlete after this odysee… seems legit^^ but nice Idea

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