New 2016 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S 570hp

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Vehicle Virgins takes a close look at the new 2016 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. The Cayenne Turbo S is simply the ultimate performance SUV. Its draped in luxury, stunning on the outside, oozes class and is of course stupid fast. A tuned version of the old twin turbo 4.8L V8 now produces a monstrous 570 hp and 590 lb feet of torque. And get this, 0-60mph happed in 3.8 seconds. That is supercar performance in an SUV! Standard are ceramic breaks measuring a massive 16.5 inches in the front and 14.6 inches in the rear. The new Cayenne turbo S will start at $158,000 with a release date of late April to early may.

The interior is truly beautiful. Carbon fiber accents are tastefully tossed throughout the cabin. The cream color seats look fantastic and supportive as well. Rear seat monitors assure your passengers are entertained between 0-60 sprints and sub 8 minute nurburgring lap times. Honestly an SUV that laps the nuburgring in under 8 minutes is insane. That’s faster than a clk63 black series.

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  1. what is the colour of this Cayenne

  2. the best porsche cayenne

  3. I LOVE this new steering wheel !!! looking so great !! 😀 If ever I win lottery, I would buy this cayenne, along side an A45 ^^

  4. Nice! but it looks just like the macan now .. -_-

  5. Cool video , I love how the new cayenne turbo S looks !!!
    The interior and exterior is truly remarkable….especially with that color scheme!

    *First Comment 😛

  6. Love the so many buttons. Looks like a cockpit. Double thumbs up!

  7. The King is back, move over RR Sport SVR.

  8. The most beautiful SUV in the world.

  9. Perfection SUV. I wish I get one in the future, this SUV better than BMW X5 100 time, thank you for outstanding show I love it

  10. you should review the BMW i8 /i3 and Porsche Panamera

  11. Prefer the GTS.

  12. NICE

  13. Wow that really looks amazing!

  14. paolo thinking about either mid may almeida

    the car is beautiful…the color is amazing..i love everything about it

  15. I’m not trying to hate but I still can’t rap my head around the concept of a Porsche SUV. 

  16. please review a 2016 cayenne GTS!!!

  17. I was going to BMW X5 but I think I changed my mind 😎

  18. Could you please film a drive test with r8? PLEASE!!! 😀

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