New 424bhp Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS driven

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Can Porsche’s new £98,000 sports car successfully plug the gap between the standard Carrera S and the hardcore GT3? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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  1. i also dont get why they make a niche for a more sporty car for a sportscar

  2. So this car without options is how much?
    From what I’ve seen, a GTS can be found for a lot less than a GT3

  3. Damn, your problem is that you are comparing it to a GT3’s performance only.
    Do not forget a GT3’s backbone shattering ride, it’s noisy uninsulated cabin for weight saving, it’s jerky cabin because of it’s more rigid engine mount.

    There are people like me that prefer the wider body, feels the S is too normal, the turbo is unnecessary and only comes 4WD, track a cup car for hobby, and would like something different, just a tad more powerful and more performance, yet comfortable, and can pay for it.

    A nicely loaded GTS it is what I desire, but I don’t need the ceramic brakes, it’s bullshit.

  4. Easy, get the gts rear wheel, remove al the stupid options , including the black lights , subroof , stitches , stupid pccb , and you save!! A lot run faster and feel that you make a good deal, its like when stupid dealers order a regular carrera with too much options , you feel that is pointless, cause with 500 dlls more you are in carrera s territory 👍🏻, all those options doesnt make sense when you try to sell it , nobody will pay all the stupid options !!!!

  5. If you are buying any car of this class, whatever the brand, and you are talking cost, please walk past the dealership and go to the nearest Camaro dealership where you belong.

  6. I hate Autocar.

  7. There are one too many 911’s. Now with the GT3 RS and the Black Edition cars. Add this C4 GTS. It’s like Porsche has an itch to put out a new 911 every now and then. 

    Why do we need a 911 Turbo AND a Turbo S? Several C2 and 911 S. Coupe and convertible. There just isn’t enough a difference between many of the models in performance. Most changes are subtle and cosmetic. Incremental HP gains most won’t notice on the street. In day to day driving.

    C4 GTS vs GT3? Only a $10k CDN price difference. One ha AWD.  one has AWS (all wheel steering). And if there is that much a noticeable difference driving the GT3 over the C4 GTS…I’d get the GT3. And buy a SUV for those days in Toronto where there’s actually enough snow on the roads…which for the past few years has been few. 

    And it’s not like the GT3 will beat you up driving it on city streets. Many say it’s very driveable off the track. In real world driving. I mean if it has the luxuries of the other 911s…(even the RS)…then Porsche was never intending to make a "Ferrari Stradale"…

  8. so much god damn want

  9. Steve makes the most important point in that the price doesn’t quite match the performance needed to justify it. Most journalists don’t have balls to mention that. Thanks Steve, good work.

  10. I can’t stand that he keeps rambling on about the GT3!!! It’s a totally different package. AWD and a manual gearbox plus it’s not as raw. This car is more cut out for the streets and a GT3 is set up for track days. If I had the money I’d just snag a 2yr old turbo. But that’s a whole different set up as well. Idk…I’m into the manual gearbox and AWD set up. Seems like more fun to be able to row through the gears myself. And AWD is great for helping out with the troubles I’d be in with all the power over the rear axle. My friends turbo felt like it was doing wheelies when I’d punch it. Truth is that I love them all!!!

  11. Fuck the police..!!

  12. Dude: You set yourself up for disappointment and the thesis of this video is flawed. The GT3 cost a third more than the GTS and is a far more dedicated road car. You constantly hold the GTS inferior to the GT3 which is a specious manner of comparison. Instead of knocking the GTS, why not compare it to the Carrera S which it is far more closely priced at. Yes, this video is a disappointment since it is rotten to its core.

  13. The Roof comes off this one thought… POW!

  14. the driver like bitch!  lol ,ugly face.

  15. I think the GTS certainly does fill a gap.  If one were to use it as their every-day car – driving to work and so forth – they may not want to show up in something that has the big spoiler on the back and the low-to-the-ground aero-kit.  The GT3 is a little hardcore for, imo, a lot of people.  Whereas the GTS is the perfect alternative with the same comforts and essentially the same look as a normal 911, with better performance and a more prestigious badge.

  16. Stop referring it to a GT3. It’s not a GT3…

  17. Why put up this video and complain about the car the whole time. Porsches aren’t for penny pinchers dude!!!!

  18. I have seen the new gts and its sounds epic, but it is too expensive, most people at this price range would get the gt3 for a little bit more. Lets not start with the competitors: stingray, gtr, amgs, jags can be had for much less and delivers if not the same but more. It is just too expensive.

  19. Porsche 911 carrera or cayman are sports car for speed sport driving and good for every day driving
    But porsche 911 GT is 100% race car create for drag race to rare hard and uncomfortable for every day driving
    So porsche put this two cars together 911 carera and GT and create porsche cayman GTS and 911 GTS simple is that
    GTS is nothing more like street public GT good for drag and every day

  20. I love this car and colour , would i get an AWD or RWD i’m not sure , i have a golf r now with stage 2 tune and suspension mods , and i think it’s great. But i just love Porsche’s , also love this colour! with the black accents looks beautiful. The base price here in Australia is 297,000 AUD , FUCK…

  21. Sorry – can’t agree. This car makes no sense over the 4S and its nothing like a GT3.

    Difference between 400hp and 424 hp from the S is nothing. Half an inch lower and black surrounds on the headlights – who cares.

    I’m with Motor Trend last year – Carrera 4S Performance Car of the year beating Ferrari F12 and Corvette – without compromise.

    Oh a declaration – I own a 4S.

  22. Just another bland, overpriced Porsche 911……

  23. anywhere near……

  24. Why there is no diesel 911? Oh! right European engineering is not improved enough to make a boxer diesel yet.

  25. i so want one lol, one day

  26. Love the sound of that sport exhaust with a fold down Roof. My house at the start of that road and my office 40-50K away. 2WD model would up the fun factor.

  27. Nice!

  28. In today’s world, 424bhp just seems underwhelming for 115,000 grand. 

  29. should’ve got the manual and the 2WD! Have some fun and then give your opinion. 4WD and PDK = Boring.

  30. The GTS argument gets very interesting depending on how you spec it :

    With a manual and RWD, you have a 425 hp light 991 and back seats, what’s not to like about it?

  31. I want Porsche to make the ultimate 911 model and name it the "Porsche 911 Carrera S 4S GTS Targa Turbo S GT3 RS Cabriolet Black Edition"

  32. *Speak with an even lower voice… you can!*

  33. You are reviewing with the wrong gear box…. Of course its not an equal bargain as the GT3. If you get the manual transmission, it’d a proper GT3 Light

  34. Did i mention stupid? 😂

  35. Did they get a blind guy to do this?

  36. why not c2 and manuall box??? that’d be my dream!!! no funky extras .. just the gts pack!!! i love the 991 it’s sooo beautifull!

  37. I love this car…the italian competitors,in my point of view,can even be nicer,but only serve to track days…and the Porsche 911 can be used in day-to-day without the slightest problem.

  38. Me encanta este coche. Es perfecto.

  39. Beware the PoPo!

  40. Surely the right model to compare with GT3 would be the RWD Carrera GTS and not the 4 GTS?

  41. This is the 991 to have if you got to have a manual gearbox. Yes you compromise in performance compared to a GT3, but the GTS without the PDK and Ceramic brakes (both unnecessary) costs almost 40k less, offers more performance than you will ever need on any public road and it is much more subtle for everyday use without that huge wing in the back…So I will have a Carrera GTS manual please. Thank you!

  42. Looks like he’s breaking speed laws on a public road. Has he killed anybody yet? THE CHP should give him a ticket after the fact.  You can see his speed.   OR can I do this on Public roads. I want to make money off this but I’m afraid of the danger to public.  To me very irresponsible driving.  

  43. Did anyone notice that Steve drove 2 different cars in the video?

  44. 1:59 the party poopers

  45. Great Review, looks and sounds AWESOME! Worth the money IMO. I used to have the Carrera S 991 recently and LOVED it. I then wanted to upgrade so I was toying with the GT3 but chose the TURBO S as its just a much better day to day driver. (and faster too) 🙂 (although I do miss the noise, so Im upgrading to another exhaust tech art (Probably) plus do re map to take it to 620 BHP 🙂  

  46. The GT3 IS a lot less civilised because it doesnt have rear seats.

  47. They all look the bloody same

  48. Very Nice. Suloja GmbH.

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