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The Audi Q7 is all about comfort, practicality, effortless performance and a beautiful interior. At launch, two diesel engines are available providing a good balance of performance and economy (on paper, at least). There’s plenty of cutting-edge technology available and the interior is as luxurious as you’d expect from an SUV costing around £50,000. It lacks the look-at-me styling of the original, and a Land Rover Discovery will be better off-road, but there are few better ways for seven to travel in comfort.

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  1. Can someone tell me the name of the song used throughout the vid?? I really like it!

  2. My mum drives this car. Its quite nice

  3. hard to find parking spaces in london for it

  4. I’ve grown to quite like the look of it, the rest of it is fantastic

  5. Ugly estate

  6. Absolutely stunning car 🙂

  7. The exterior design looked odd initially but is growing on me in a big way. The design language also makes sense now that the new Q5, A5 and A4 designs have been released. In person and in traffic, the front grill is imposing and exudes confidence.

  8. Id say it looks more manly than the old one…
    Thats probably why all those beta male pussys dont like it.

  9. Am I the only one here who likes the look of the Audi??

  10. Perfect review. I ordered the SQ7 recently so every video about this car helps me to overcome a man pregnancy 🙂

  11. Sik I have subed can you sub to me

  12. Not even white. Always shit colours. Just saying

  13. My future SUV…

  14. If you’re buying a Q7 the price of a phone plan isn’t exactly on your radar haha

  15. Mini van for $100 000!!! So F… ugly!!!!

  16. How good is the 2013

  17. @carbuyer How good it actually is when it comes to off-roading?

  18. sorry, lead man but that last seats are for kids ONLY

  19. The exterior design looked odd initially but is growing on me in a big way. The design language also makes sense now that the new Q5, A5 and A4 designs have been released. In person and in traffic, the front grill is imposing and exudes confidence.

  20. New Q7 just looks like a MPV.

  21. Volvo XC90 anyday…

  22. This car looks more rugged and faster than the XC90

  23. what the hell.A superb offers more leg room than this

  24. Renault scenic

  25. Has Mat been at the self-tan?

  26. Can we please have the old shape back. i was looking forward to buying one but ive changed my mind now.. this just looks terrible

  27. Nice inside, After 1 year and still dont like the exterior, old q7 just needed new interior and tweak on the outside.

  28. I’m 6ft5 and I bet you my legs will touch

  29. Currently have an A6, and the economy is as much a lie on that too. Wanting a seven seater, but for that economy I may as well buy a Discovery, and the Q7 looks bland and tank like, Merc, Volvo, JLR vehicles are much better designed but other car makers, like Volvo, LR disco sport seem to want to put a 2litre engine in, don’t like it one bit. Would not buy a Q7, think it will end up being a Discovery the more I think about it.

  30. Exterior looks are it’s weakness

  31. I just bought a Q7 Premium Plus for my wife and we  love it.  She was driving a Lexus LS 460 but likes the higher driving position for visibility.  The accident avoidance safety sensing and all wheel drive also sold me in keeping her safe.  This vehicle is lighter, (higher mpg and better handling and performance) shorter (easier to park) and more interior space than the older model.  Brilliant!

  32. is this the sq7 if yes I wloud be happy but if no Id kare answer the quistoin plz?

  33. omg..i didnt know that q7 was for 7 passenger’s. .damb

  34. Right at the end, Matt concludes that this is HIS favourite seven seater. We took his very well-informed advice and couldn’t be happier with ours.

  35. that dashboard look similiar with vw’s line up nowadays…

  36. looks are absolutely hideous!!!

  37. Woooow I loooooove the car thanks man, and my personal point of view is the far rear seats are good for kids so, no complaints at all, don’t worry your knees too much that’s not your seats loool just Kidding, Thanks man

  38. From the rear this car looks really boxy and the front grille could be sportier.

  39. Audi Q7

  40. Wow, that Q7 looks amazing, but heaps better in black! Am thinking of buying one but dunno to buy a new one or 2014 model, or even get one in 2007 for an affordable price? Other than that, it looks like an awesome family car for my babies. =)

  41. I would like the Audi SQ7

  42. am I the only one who likes the simple design?

  43. I get that Audi is trying to keep their designs neutral as to not be offensive but their cars end up looking bland and they all look the same! The Q7 looks like a bloated Passat station wagon on stilts.
    The new XC90, however, looks and feels special it has soul, it’s endearing. The Q7 seems clinical and cold…

  44. the german have no creativity,only bigger and bigger,is this the way?? i don’t now!!! what would you to whit such a monster?

  45. This car is amazing
    This car is the best

  46. Audi Q7 its an Amazing car

  47. really Audi is much better than bmw

  48. Amazing!

  49. What people never understand about Audi fans: we like Aufi for the simplicity, straight lines, no mess or fuss about the design. If you want some crazy shit, just go elsewhere. As for the Volvo fanboys, just lol, stop comparing that second tier car to any Audi…

  50. Ok, $4,000 USD for air ride a small price to pay?  I can buy a used A3 with 80,000 miles for about that ‘small price’ to pay.
    I haven’t driven the Q7 with it, but it better be like walking on a cloud for that ‘small price’ to pay.  I have driven the ‘plain’ Premium Plus and the ride is great if one is performing cardiac surgery while driving you might need a more smooth ride… but I think not.

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