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  1. my chihuahua looks like that lol…

  2. So cute but scary

  3. That’s How Scrappy Doo Was Born Like An Idiot

  4. It’s the Tito Ortiz of dogs.

  5. "Compromise scares us too."

  6. Happy to see Sarah throw guitar lol like I’m out lol

  7. I could swear that the sexy woman in the Orange dress and shades near the beginning is the same woman who’s water skiing in that Heineken ad with 007 driving the boat. Anyone??

  8. RUN

  9. What

  10. This commercial was AWESOME

  11. Why……..

  12. 0:30 it’s nice to see Sarah make fun of her commercials. She’s aware of how over the top they are.

  13. The pet store clerk had me Rollin!

  14. LOL

  15. kkkk

  16. This dog is from the movie "Mask"

  17. Land Piranhas!

  18. Lmao my Godfather My Godmother and I was cracking up in this commercial on super bowl 2014 & then she had a nerve to say I look like one of those dogs because I’m skinny with a big head and small body lol I dyeeee laughing 😂😂😂

  19. that the world uglies dog I found the dog I wanted the pugwawa its a pug in a chiwawa

  20. this is officially my favorite commercial of all time! 
    It never gets old

  21. i dont like the fact that its looking this way….. lmfao

  22. I have 2 Dobermans …do you have a chihuahua 

  23. pretty ironic that theres an ad on an ad

  24. I want one!!!!!

  25. Looks like Scrappy Doo

  26. Scientist get on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. omg i have a doberhuahua and his name is charlie!!! he is a miniture doberman mixed with chihuahua!!!!!

  28. Oh my god yo 😂

  29. Ok I give you one more shot , Tony…

  30. The thing I have been searching for all these years. I finally found it. I can now die in peace.

  31. this could be worse than sharknado

  32. this is so funny, I want a doberhuahua LOL

  33. loved it lmao

  34. best car commercial EVER!!!

  35. Sometimes it’s not a good idea to compromise.

  36. best super bowl commercial to ever be shown too bad audi slacked this year with their feminist bullshit actually to be fair all the commercials were shit this year

  37. The Music in the background seems to be a remix of music from the game MediEvil.

  38. It’s a real life "Mask" doggie! 

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