New BMW 5 Series Sedan Assembly Line – BMW USA – Body shop: spot welding by robots. Mounting of side sills on body structure. Hot-stamping: Heating, compression molding, quenching. Wedding: Drive unit engine, transmission, axle, exhaust system is bolted to the body. Final assembly: BMW 5 Series Sedan rolls out of factory.

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  1. @waseok they do have AI but there not from the movies. robots wont kill us.

  2. @007bondspy If you dont appreciate BMW, then you are not a car enthusiast. Some of the fastest super cars use BMW engine for reliability, and prestige. Drive one, I dare you. Idiot..

  3. @DarkSpydaIV It looks complex because you have robots doing all sorts of functions at one time. Its all about efficiency !

  4. royal look

  5. this videos bit of a con, theres 1000s of humans on the production line.

  6. How do people even build these things? They seem so complex. A machine that makes machines?

  7. MOOOI

  8. In BMW you also have machine operators. They just didn’t show them here.

  9. This is why modern cars have zero soul in them. There is no human to pass their care and passion on through the car. It’s all calculations and ones and zeros and profit. EEE ooooo iiiii oooo buiLd caaar iiii oooo eee exterminate humanity iiii ooooo eeeeee bzzzzzz build more robot iiii ooooo………….

  10. first

  11. shocking video I’ve ever seen :-0

  12. @y9pema But cheaper than humans.

  13. where are people ?

  14. GM has nothing even close in their dream. GM outdated for 20-30 years

  15. It’s incredible they actually molten iron something there.

  16. I see terminator in this video…. human is coming to an end soon

  17. I wanna be the guys job to start the car and park it for the first time.

  18. Woow!

  19. How long does it take to make one of these beautiful things from scratch? Total of an hour? Lol

  20. are the robots Made in Japan?


  22. wont beat the japs and the germans 🙂

  23. @hwnboi11 Don’t you mean an american car?

  24. Great wow I would like to trade my old 5 for a new one.

  25. yep thats a a e60 great car :p

  26. @Eurocar711 noes look at teh tailights they be new

  27. @Eurocar711 Thats normal, every Company build start the production of the new modell during the production of the old one. They don´t have a fixed date where the change from one to an other. There are some good reasons. For example, they can check some possible problems with the new one and it´s cheaper. You don´t have to stop production. It takes weeks or some months to have 100% new modells in production.

  28. @BimmerBoost Not surprising. Its German technology and Germany generally makes the best cars. Their robotic systems are very advanced.
    They make the most technologically advanced durable cars.

  29. @TheRoedolf007 Then why is Audi reliability at the bottom of almost every listing?

  30. too much sparks

  31. all this automation, and the price on these things is still rediculous.

  32. Robots are not making cars. Robots are assembling cars.
    Programers, designers… are making cars and robots that assembles them.

    Those robots are not inteligent, they only do several fonctions. And as you can see all of the robots are almost the same, only programed differently and having different functions.

  33. Amazing

  34. i could watch this all day, and i honestly believe that. so cool!

  35. Nothing special. Same as VW, or GM. People believe it’s something magical, but all big motor companies have similar production standards, which means: robot programming with 1mm accuracy and no collisions, laser welding, spot welding and robot gluing for water proof. The only difference are materials used in cars, and design (visual and technological). Assembling is similar everywhere. Skoda is still not so automated, but they’re still investing a lot.

  36. i had posted this video in my channel a year ago , having now more No. of views, likers and comments lol thank U man 🙂

  37. i saw a total of 3 people during that video.

  38. What type of welding in this car?

  39. @rob2049 +1

  40. Any humans lol

  41. for me is bettet mercedez benz class-e assembly line

  42. @rob2049 your mother moans like a bmw

  43. Automatic cars factories in Siem Reap City Area

  44. 720p !!!

  45. at 1:56 isnt the car in front the older 5 series (e60)?

  46. Ewwww kukkas. GET SOME REAL ROBOTS BMW

  47. The robot assembly was impressive. It seems BMW has a nearly automated factory to assemble the BMW. Is this their goal?

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