New BMW M5 (F10) 0-315 km/h (Motorsport)

Un V8 biturbo de 560 chevaux, ou comment catapulter une berline de 1870 kilos à 315 km/h !

Moteur : V8 Biturbo
Puissance maxi : 560 chevaux
Couple maxi : 69,3 mkg
0 à 100 km/h : 4″7
Prix : 117 000 euros

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  1. 🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨😗😍

  2. výkon hodný pochvali

  3. 5.5 v8 557hp 0-100 4.2->mercedes e63 amg vs 4.4 v8 560hp 0-100 4.2-> as far as the numbers are concerned BMW is the winner…And as far as track racing is again it is…faster through corners and more responsive in any way…and that comes from a man who used to own a c63 amg…the BMW’s interior and exterior appeal more to me…and some uneducated comments like 2bach,Enrico Bianchin,yanni and the rest say,make me truly laugh…please at least give those two cars a chance at test driving before commenting…BMW and Mercedes are both great cars…And this accelearation from an almost two tone sedan is something at which BMW used to and will always pioneer…and excel…

  4. ahaa

  5. TC off? What a freaking pair of balls!

  6. sounds like shit though. such a shame these new bmw engines got fucked by emission standards

  7. Her V8 sound like an I4 sound, but too nice! )

  8. Nearly irrelevant but stock for stock the old E60 M5 will be overtaking the F10 at approx 300kmh

  9. i love that sound.That v8 sounds interesting!

  10. am I the only person who thinks the new m5 is so sexually good looks mean and I even like the sound


  12. Be(a)st!

  13. E60 M5 can hit 330km/h stock and F10 315 only?

  14. Руки тряслись как у аутиста.

  15. what’s the music?:D It’s like : Kowalsky Meg A Vega – Forradalom rt

  16. F10 bmw m5 560 ps 4.7s f10 bmw m550d 381 ps 4.7s 0-100 kmh

  17. ExhAust big deal pff

  18. E60 V10 have more more better sound that new M5 . Have no turbo shit

  19. Plus any AMG have better egshaust sound from that

  20. bu araba trafige aykırı amk

  21. sounds crap compared to the 5 litre previous m5

  22. The sound isn’t that bad

  23. 312 km

  24. Those who said the sound sounds fake, stop following the trend of what most haters . The mic is placed at the exterior of the car so watever u r hearing is the exhaust sound , if u say it’s fake noise, u aren’t a car guy, just some guy following the trend to act as a car guy.

  25. This is not fake,he uses suction mount on the exhaust

  26. That should take the pain out of A road overtaking.

  27. I feel absolutely nothing for this car, unlike the legendary E60 or E39, they have some serious character to them!

  28. 0-100 , 4 seconds!!!

  29. 0 – 315km/h in 55s

  30. Bugatti veron is still the fastest

  31. Das Video ist gut, nur die Kameraführung ist eine Katastrophe, es müssen ruhige gleichmäßige Schwenks sein, damit auch mal ein Detail erkant werden kann, vielleicht lernt ihr das noch

  32. Please tell me which proper sport car had electric hand break?????😄😄😄😄😄
    Because this M5 have one haha electric hand break 😄😄😄😄

  33. ?

  34. Delimited, these are supposed to reach 186 mph (300 kph). Speedo is optimistic.

  35. so easy going

  36. With M Driver’s Package?

  37. havent u all noticed anything if that v10 was so popular why didnt bmw caried it to the next M5 yes the M5 over time will make more power but those V8 engines that made the E39 so popular are the glory of bmw! more effecient than the V8 and those V8 have a beefy sounds! I own an 2000 M5 and when i turn on that things in the morning i can feel the gurggle of that V8 all the way back in the cabin!! Dont get me wrong the V10 is a great engine but M5 are not F1 cars they are supposed to be these sleek stylish 5 series with a high dose of adrenalines and a big pair of balls!! the E60 is a good car but to me it doesnt reflect what a proper M5 should be like!! And BMW realised that when they introduced the F10 back in 2011, matter of fact if u look closely the F10 ressembles more the E39 than the E60!! in my opinion they should have kept the V8 as a tradition just like the numbers in the back should keep reflecting the displacement of the engine!

  38. Wha tis the name of song on start? I know that it is really popular, but i dont know ;/

  39. does not sounds good.. sorry, but its true.. still a nice car to drive and buy

  40. You dont now me right so how the fuck you now what I can afford?
    Right now I had E92 M3 with manual hand break proper M car with V8 no a flat 6 like the new M4
    After ECU tuning Nm is higher
    Any way M3 M5 M6 they are sports car the same 911 carrera 911 turboS is a super sport car different segment this beemers are sport sallon coupe grand coupe etc but this is sport car
    With the manual hand break you can do more than use on traffic light but if you had electric one you can use only in parking or in traffic ligts

  41. хоть бы со стенда то сьехал

  42. Good

  43. Like sound, nice motor, all very nice, but one problem, automatic shift really suck :S

  44. тазы валят

  45. jeszcze się dobrze nie zagrzał 😀

  46. can i use a part from this video for my video

  47. Ok giorgos
    Why E60 M5 (507HP) had max speed 355km/h and this more powerfull max speed is Barely 315/km/h
    New E class AMG is faster and better in str line bmw is better on the corners but not on str road

  48. I thought they were a lot quicker through the gears. this must be slower than the e60?

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