New BMW M5 vs BMW S1000RR superbike

We pit the new M5 against BMW’s hottest superbike.
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  1. That is one of the most bullshit, unfair tests I have ever seen, the S1000RR has a maximum speed of 208 MPH, whereas the car has a maximum speed of 186 MPH, I think we all know who would win in a fair test. Fucking car guys…

  2. "The bike, on summer tyres, in the wet" why even bother.

  3. Bike is set to FAIL. Pointless race

  4. Shitty test, do it on a dry day instead.

  5. Why race on a wet track?

  6. How do you expect the car to win against a bike?
    You don’t just give the bike a slippery track expecting it to win.
    That’s like making a lamborghini run on vegetable oil while competing against a honda civic with race fuel!!

  7. To be honest, one of the better bike v car reviews I have seen. The point most will have missed is… The infinite number of variables means both are good in their own way. I’ve owned fast bikes and ‘OK’ cars. Both have their place in Tesco’s car park…

  8. o m g


  9. whats up with the radio commentor? SHUT UP! i want to hear the bike, not you talking!

  10. and finally….your channel sucks…really

  11. Hahaha this made the bikers go maaad, do you seriously think that a car is imune to wet roads or what? Take a look at nurburgring the bikers just blocks cars like this from passing no matter if it’s wet or dry. Only the time of the transition you do from on turn to the other i could grab my coffe and drink it and put it back in the cupholder again.

  12. osea que si la s 1000rr saca vuelta A UN M3….ENTONCES EL M5 ES EL DOBLE DE REAPIDO QUE EL M3???????

  13. Couldn’t wait for a dry day? What a joke.

  14. test them in snow , maybe you get a better idea…are you stupid?

  15. Oh My God expert This is really crazy revult Indian :‑D

  16. Love the people that spend 80k + on cars they can’t afford, then spend 80% of their driving life in traffic jams. Beautiful car though

  17. fuck you that was stupid

  18. This race was about as stupid as having Lewis Hamilton race against a wheelchair with a flat tire.

  19. lo nin Amman tullage kaytino sulemakla

  20. what a pointless review, summer tires on a wet track with that many curves. so the point in this is to sell the m5. sorry lads pointless.

  21. Jesus that was a competition how? I usually like AE’s races but these are ridiculous 🙁

  22. S1000RR will destroy anyone in the dry, even ur mum

  23. thats not fair try it on a dry open track how could he even pass the little crotch rocket to tight to wet to dangerous with out Knockin him over

  24. Racing while the track is wet is fine, it makes a disadvantage but it’s still okay. But OMG you don’t even have access to rain tires for the bike? Why couldn’t you wait for a few days and order a set of rain tires for the bike?

  25. Extreme !!!! Great video

  26. BMW cars <3

  27. bmw car 11.00 start nice

  28. well there we have it then, ,,,,,dont waste ur time on anything filmed in the UK

  29. A very unprofessional video. Summer tires and it’s raining. I suspect that BMW wants to give the illusion that car is an equal to motorcycles.

  30. If it wasnt wet, the s1000rr could have made a 10 second lap, however a honda cbr1000rr wouldve done better

  31. The biker had to be more carefull on sharp turn ….but the car has more favours due to auto traction

  32. eleman motoru kullanmayı beceremiyo

  33. 코너에선 당연히 차가유리하지 ㅋㅋ

  34. lol fucking test.

  35. The bike was on summer tyres ? Well, the car was on autumn tyres so it sort of balances everything out

  36. adil degil yerler deli gibi ıslak . motosiklet yatamaz o vrajlara

  37. it would have looked stupid to put this test in normal circumstances, cus M5 would’ve looked like a piece of shit racing against the S1000R, can’t see any point in this unless to show a false picture for future M5 drivers…

  38. awesome test and a very professional biker

  39. bei nasser straße gegen ein Motorrad alles klar. Knieschleifen und so mit Kurven waren einiges schwerer und langsamer als es könnte

  40. Such bullshit.

  41. How wrinkled is his face? He looks like a fucking bin bag.

  42. Such bullshit.

  43. it’s a shark in the air ,
    s1000rr love 🙂

  44. b.l.b.o.s.t.

  45. What an utterly stupid idea to race a fat overweight saloon against a motorbike on summer tyres – NOT rain tyres – on a wet circuit? Don’t You care about the health of the Bike rider – who had to battle an overweight truck M5 with over 2,5 tons – pointless stupid !

  46. nothing impressive

  47. BMW – nazi brand, Hitler’s brand

  48. El que conduce el carro, es uN MONGUI!!!!!

  49. stupid track battle..wet and dirty road..lol..bullshit

  50. M5 was holding back I reckon

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