NEW CAR!! (GTA 5 Online)

Buying our first car in GTA 5 Online!! Give this video a thumbs up if you want to see more GTA 5 videos! 🙂
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  1. x80 and t20

  2. X80

  3. congrats on your car Samara Redway good luck on all of ur races u are the best keep up the good videos i always enjoy watching ur videos it gives me joy

  4. buy pegassi reaper or Turismo( i recommend this )

  5. x80 is better

  6. x80


  7. Purple

  8. 811 is the fastest car in gta

  9. Hey Samara! Love your content so much and I hope you do YouTube forever! Keep being awesome!

  10. t20

  11. Bright purple

  12. I’ll give it a 8

  13. x80 bi

  14. Samara you are cool

  15. The fastest car in the game is the Nero which is supposed to be in real life the Bugatti Chiron.

  16. good. buy it

  17. crew

  18. x80

  19. X80

  20. samara you are the best

  21. Samara I love you choice you made with the car and the colour of it dope

  22. x80

  23. Sup guys! i have this solo glitch to gain tons of Mønεy! here ➡️️ zi.ma/bm8de5?gta5online

  24. I hope you guys enjoyed the video!! What would you rate the car!?!

  25. 6

  26. x80

  27. 5 0f 10

  28. Samara,you should do the walkthrough please! xx

  29. Hi samara when I watch your vids they make me so happy my grandma just died and I’m trying to get over it and watching your vids make me smile

  30. it is the zentorno

  31. Samara I rate 100 out of 10 😊

  32. mama mia pisdas

  33. Samara when you custom your car do a blue color with a lime green pearlescent it is an amazing scheme I use it a lot and it just looks awesome

  34. I think you should get the Lamborghini el deoblo

  35. Tempesta

  36. samara u should really buy the reaper its not like super fast but its like a dope dope one that is the car in fast n furious the prototype I love it

  37. Anniversary mode😂😂. Its adversary mode😃. PS I love ur vids!

  38. unlock chrome it’s lit

  39. x80

  40. 1000000000000000000000000000000000*

  41. Samara would die if she saw a graphics mod on the T20 😂

  42. Get the zentotno

  43. x80

  44. I would rate it 9.4/10

  45. T20

  46. X80

  47. I rate it 10/10 because it looks like the real car.

  48. Ferrari

  49. great video Samara love the car

  50. x80

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