New Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet FULL REVIEW test driven 430 hp 2016 Porsche 991

Compare Cayman GTS: https://youtu.be/lWRwDpEYW-w
911 Targa: https://youtu.be/KLOakGx9pe0
911 Turbo s: https://youtu.be/52rV71ggKQU
Mercedes-AMG GT: https://youtu.be/y5chQLfuBy8

Deutscher Text: http://www.autogefuehl.de/2015/04/05/porsche-911-carrera-gts-cabriolet-testbericht/

Today, Thomas Majchrzak takes a look at the new Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet in our full review, test driven the Porsche 991 (internal model code).

Our FULL REVIEWS from 2015: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZqvo5rXklBuoGOsPgdEriIVUIZf0mpZt

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  1. Nice review! Agreed, screw those turbos, and its just stupid that Porsche decided to put the Na era to an end by turbo charging the 911s. For F**king 20 more horsepowers!

  2. It´s a dream car. 911 is for men whereas a Cayman is for Boys.

  3. I would pick the F type over this and have more than just change in my pocket.

  4. Excellent review Thomas!  I have my (Lava Orange) GTS Cabrio ordered and am eagerly awaiting delivery in December.  Since I live in an extremely hot climate, I went for the full leather interior with vented seats.  In the end much more comfortable in the long run vs Alcantara inserts with the GTS interior package.

    Most importantly, the first thing I’m going to show off to my friends is the "cahr-bowne style…just for my beverages"!  Seriously, I love your reviews.  Keep up the great work!

  5. Thomas this was a very comprehensive review.  I am new to Porsche coming from Mercedes CL600 and really looking to get it right.  I will be looking at your other reviews as I initially was looking for a 911 S convertible this time around and had not considered the GTS until now.  What are your thoughts on the new refresh expected at the end of the year.  Should I wait, or would I be loosing the sound feel of the NA engine without turbo?

  6. I just found my dream car

  7. 991.2 will all be turbo incl the GTS. Only the GT3 iterations and the GT4 will stay naturally aspirated

  8. I just strolled a little through a german car purchase portal looking for offerings of the GTS. I saw that not all GTS have the double-bridge rear-view mirrors, a lot have not.
    I guess but am not absolutely sure, that this racing rear view mirrors are only at delivery by theAWD versions of the GTS. Btw: Im not sure which color i would pick (if I had the money), there are some extraordinary sensational looking colors available such as: racing yellow, viperngreen, lava-orange or even dark blue metallic paint. Maybe i would choose sexy viperngreen. 😉

  9. 3:05 this guy’s *really* German

  10. Thomas thanks for the review.  I have the 50th anniversary version which you know is basically a GTS in a different wrap. I think your review is the best over all of the 50th anniversary model as well as the GTS Thank you!!!

  11. Who said the Germans lack emotion? Excuse me while i drive a nail into my foot to check if i can still feel anything after watching this video.

  12. What an awesome car, definitely agree for going this setup over a hardtop turbo

  13. Can you make a full Review video from the new Porsche 911 Carrera 4S (2016)?????

  14. Hi Thomas, thanks to your review; I just bought this exact car!
    Please tell me u only used launch control once or twice 😉
    The Bluetooth issue I asked the dealer to repair, thanks 🙂

  15. I want one.

    But cant choose a Color for it…

    What color do you recomend for a GTS?

  16. Great review as always, Thomas. Appreciate your attention to detail! Would love to see a review of the Boxster GTS and how it compares to the 911.

  17. Sie erinnern mich so sehr an sky du Mont (50 Jahre jünger ?
    ) dass ich mal vorschlagen möchte dass sie mal eine Review mit IHM drehen sollte sofern er dazu bereit ist.

  18. omg..how beatiful is that!!

  19. Really nice review Thomas,learned so much things about the car through the video.
    You and Jan from Ausfart tv are my two favorite YouTube car reviewers 😉

  20. 19:19 that sound

  21. Is this the 2016 model?

  22. So well done. I love this guy.

  23. Does Porsche still do that stupid thing where you can’t adjust the passenger seat?

    Anyways great review and great car but it is too big in my opinion to be a fun track car but nevertheless; I wouldn’t turn it down haha.

  24. Bought one 🙂 GTS Cab in Carmine Red with GTS interior – bloody amazing car. Loved this video.

  25. Thanks for a great review : )
    Would you choose this 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet over the 911 Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet version? And why or why not? Thank you.

  26. How much does The car you tested (with this exact equipment) cost? Better than The "carrera 4 GTS Targa"?

  27. Gonna wait for the review of the new 991.2 GTS

  28. Hi Thomas, love your videos. At 6:23, what is the red bar like thing in the frunk?

  29. Good review, however I’m not sure about the engine being referred to as a ‘flat twin’. It’s a Flat 6.

  30. Great review

  31. Always the best reviews…thanks

  32. My absolute dream car. But since I’m from wintery Chicago, I have to have the Carrera 4 version. Love your videos.

  33. "Touch my monkey!"

    Great review, btw.

  34. Excellent review! This is now my favourite review channel. I’ve grown accustomed to the longer time your reviews take, as it gives me a much more comprehensive understanding about the positives and negatives of each car. I prefer your slower, measured approach to the "wam-bam-thank-you-mam" contributions of most other reviewers. Clever one-liners and hasty conclusions don’t impress me anymore. Keep up the good work!

  35. hi Thomas
    thx for the review.
    my question is: if you fold down the rear seats, can you put a suitcase in there? basically, i want to know if I can drive my wife to the airport or not?

  36. You, sir….Are mental… 🙂

  37. Im thinking about grabbing a 991 GTS or a 991.2 GTS if they are NA. I would venture to guess that’ll be the swan song for NA GTS’s. Ive got a 991 GT3 and absolutely love it, Porsche is the best-it’s a lifestyle! Does the 991 GTS come in a manual? If so, even more rare down the road

  38. Great review, Thomas! I have a 2016 GTS cabriolet with an NA engine on the way. What are your thoughts on PDCC? Did your car have PDCC? And your thoughts on the PDK vs manual? Mine will have PDCC and PDK. Totally agree with you on the NA over the turbo engine. Thanks for your insight!

  39. I would trade one of my kidneys to live in German and drive an open top Porsche

    Or make it two kidneys

  40. Thank you for being so much in detail. Thanks Thomas.

  41. Bought my 2016 GTS because of this video….excellent job and very accurate…Thankyou

  42. this will be my next Porsche.thank you for this video.

  43. I just discovered this channel and I must say I was blown away by the quality! Excellent in depth review with great audio and camerawork. Thanks for the review!

  44. 2016? GTS is out of Porsche listing…

  45. Finally a real review instead of a guy driving the car in a 5 minute video and repeatedly saying that it’s a great and fast car. This is an actual review for people who are considering to buy the car. Still don’t know whether to go for this or the cayman though, it’s just such a hard decision.

  46. Nice review as always. You mentioned the seating was not so comfortable. What seat has more comfort for longer trips? Thanks

  47. Superb review. Thoroughly informative and extremely enjoyable Thanks

  48. It’s very expensive though. With the options you need it costs the same as a 510hp Alfa QV and a Mazda MX5 convertible combined…

  49. Fantastic Review. Porsche should hire him to review all of their cars.

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