New Porsche 911 Turbo S drive review

The 552bhp Porsche 911 Turbo S is supremely fast, but does that make it a brilliant supercar? Steve Sutcliffe finds out.

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We’ve driven the long-awaited 2013 Porsche 911 Turbo, the most powerful version of the 991 so far, with 552bhp and four-wheel drive. This is a crushingly fast supercar, hitting 60mph in less than 3 seconds in a drag race, and all the driver has to do is mash the throttle and hold on. What’s really impressive is that it can do it all day long, and keep you comfortable at the same time.

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Can a supercar beat a superbike? Can an Audi A1 outrun a Nissan GT-R on a wet circuit? Can a Porsche 911 slay a Corvette on the drag strip? Autocar pitches the giants of the performance car world against each other to deliver the all-important verdict.

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  1. Did I miss the full UK test Steve refers too in this clip? Or have you yet to make it? Thanks

  2. I agree its a great car , but  when was the last time you did 200 mph on a road or even a freeway/autobahn ,Base Carrera  any day

  3. random question : would you rather get a gtr$110,000 to 150,000 for nismo and mod it up for the price of the turbo s in Canada $213,000 or just buy this one

  4. E46 M3

  5. its a bit distracting but If I need to buy a 911 on a every day commuting then its definitely the turbo, but for fun to during the weekends plus RWD its the GT3 RS.

  6. How much in $$

  7. Porsche has fvcked their image..i dont consider a porsche 911 a super sports car anymore. Their image if finished

  8. actually there is a GT2 on the way

  9. Or glasses.

  10. That doesn’t explain why you keep popping up droning on about it on Porsche videos? And as for comparable quality, it’s obvious from that statement you’ve never actually compared the two cars in real life. Performance yes but quality there is no comparison, the quality even of the old 997 Turbo is way better than the GTR (I own a 997 Turbo). The GTR inside is average at best. And the new 991 Turbo is streets ahead in terms of luxury. Driving a GTR is like being in a game and Grand Torismo!

  11. this is what i call a supersportscar, no chance for lamborghini and ferrari on a racetrack. this car is made for performance and nothing but performance on track

  12. The gt3 is much more of a track car, the steering is sharper, suspension is harder, it’s a two seater, and it has a naturally aspirated engine. This is more of a comfortable 4 seater daily driver GT car.

  13. why the fuck is it automatic?  god you test driver channels are doing worse and worse

  14. great

  15. ?

  16. Leave the car videos, you’re clearly clueless about them if what you just said is really what you think. Even the Japanese race drivers who tested the GT-R against european supercars on a Fuji track said GT-R cant compete with european supercars. They said its a one-trick pony car, a car that can do a hot lap on the track, but is average at everything else. 911 Turbo is in EVERY way a much better car. Its like comparing a Mitsubishi Lancer and a BMW M5.

  17. I agree with sevensea. The only thing a GTR has is the 0-60. When people see that car on the road they only look at it because its a rival for lambos, mclaren etc where people look at Porsche because it is a Porsche that has speed, performance, history and luxury. People who likes sports cars like C63, M3 and GTR are people that can only afford them. However Porsche owners are people who doesn’t go too far with price or too low for price. (I’m a 2013 Porsche Carrera 2S owner)

  18. and the Gt-r if you get a electric problem your loose your brake!! IMAGINE at + 100 mph in a curve !! = death

  19. So you’re better for preferring a Porsche than somebody else is for preferring the GT-R? People are allowed to have different tastes and opinions, contrary to what YouTube has bred into you people regarding differing opinions. If I was given the chance to have either the GT-R or the Porsche outright, I’d take the Porsche. But if I was saving up my own money to purchase either of these two, I’d save myself $80,000 and get the GT-R and a Stingray…or a Cayman/911. You can do a lot with $80,000.

  20. Indeed. Including making said GTR a Switzer 1100hp GTR, and blowing away anything on the road – 991 Turbo S included.

  21. Nice car

  22. Well My question is that why do they make GT3 If they are making such a fast 911.

  23. Да так себе фуфло!

  24. whats this colour please!!!!

  25. Porsche Turbo S vs Nismo GTR vs Z06 (aut) OR VIPER TA   German vs Japan vs USA could be a good comparison

  26. wow man

  27. 560 bhp

  28. Hell, even In the UK this beast Turbo S costs less than in Russia. Shame.

  29. Maybe? But I don’t think people spending that type of coin care for the GTR at all, no matter how it looks or performs.

    At that price point (around $100,000), it better have outrageous looks to go along with the performance, cause many of the other cars have racing history, more cachet, luxury, previous high spending customers/clientele etc.

    The GTR is just looked upon (by them) like a souped up Mustang or Camaro, with better track times.

  30. shut up fanboy

  31. Gt2 rs for me please…

  32. @myjanuary151987 I bet in Brazil it is more expensive than in the hole world…. near 700.000 dollars or more if im not mistaken!

  33. If they were the same price id choose the porsche. But for half the price, the GT-R is a no brainer

  34. My dream car… this over ferrari anyday

  35. What more could a driver want? Beautiful.Quick.Top speed given enough road is 333 km/h. Excellent brakes. Room for tall people in the front and little people rear seating position. All wheel drive for any weather. The perfect one car to do it all.

  36. The Porsche costs quite a bot more that a GTR

  37. Lol 911

  38. Ofc, they will O.O

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  40. I filmed the 991 911 Porsche GT3. Check my channel.

  41. The dude that wrote that he would save his money for a gtr or stingray doesn’t get it- and most likely is in college or even high school. Ppl can get a sports car it simple depends on the one you can afford and/ or want. Do you want a gtr which isn’t an elegant car but is fast as the devil? Or would you rather pull up in a porsche 911tt- which is slightly faster, looks better, costs tons more but still looks like your an adult driving a car with heritage and some class?

  42. I don’t like the wing mirrors on the 991…but that is not what this car is about now, is it?

  43. A reliable supercar that’s good for a daily driver. That gets my vote. absolutely love the new Porsches they look stunning inside and out!

  44. Hi Autocar! It’s been two months since you said you’d be doing a full review of this car, and I’m wondering when we get to see it here on Youtube, thanks?

  45. Hope the new generation of 911’s have that traditional Porsche exhaust note. It’s unfortunate they’re turbocharging them, but they shouldn’t screw up the sound. This car really doesn’t sound like a £142,000 sports car.

  46. ポルシェの小出し商法はユーザーをバカにしてると思う

  47. Be glad, this way its easy to recognize people with IQ’s under 70 and block them so you never come across one of their comments again.

  48. and a CT scan, stat.

  49. but is it as good or fast as a vn commodore,ill have to steal one to find out wont i…

  50. who would have thought that something costing 100K is a bargain,unbelievable car from porsche,they really love pushing the boundaries that’s why there my favorite car company.

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