Nissan 350Z vs. Porsche 911 GT3 vs Golf Mk.1

A Nissan 350Z Procharger challenges a Porsche 911 GT3 , but then.. SURPRISE! Golf mk1 killer!!

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Video downloaded from Facebook @ from VAG ADDICTED! https://www.facebook.com/vagaddicted?fref=photo

More details about the golf mk1 sleeper:


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  1. this video lead me to buy a mk2 🙂

  2. I wona se whats under the hood of that golf.

  3. muaaaaaaah mk1 power lol

  4. Jajaja cosas que solo pasan 1 vez en la vida xD

  5. 0:29 move bitch get out the way

  6. Lel now you need some twin turbos to take more than 38 seconds!

  7. 350 was shifting hella early

  8. ohh that was nuts! oh that was insanely awesome!! best racing video ever!!!! LMAO!!!

  9. 超面白いwww

  10. Jajajaja que mamon se mira el golf rebasando un porche 911 xD


  12. hahahaah wtf?

  13. for all those thinking the vw out accelerated the Porsche- it didn’t. there are 2 separate VW cars. First one seen on right has silver rims. overtaking VW has blacked out rims

  14. Hahahahahahaha! 😀 EPIC! 😀

  15. AHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAA OH MAJ GOD avesome driver of porshe and nissan Thug lifee

  16. Small car,huge heart 😀

  17. why u say its golf!
    In that golf is not his stuck engine morons,its engine from another car…what is the great about that ?

  18. I love how they pass the golf and then a few seconds later he is beating two very fast cars and he was like hahaha still not better than be bitches

  19. You know that golf driver must have felt like a badass.

  20. Needs more eurobeat

  21. when your driving in your golf and you see a porsha overtaking what do you say ?

  22. dobry troll 🙂
    ciekawe ile miał kucy w tym Głelfie

  23. vw owner = retard. vw = poor man’s audi. one who invest thousands to tune a vw = retard. vw = the ugliest car ever made, even daihatsu looks better.

  24. Lmao! This is the greatest thing I’ve seen so far this year

  25. THUG LIFE!

  26. hahahahahaha very goood pqp rachei aqui no brazil!!!

  27. ouu shit diggaa was für ein kranker golf

  28. kolko god on brzo isao, jedno je voziti kola a drugo kantu toliko o tome

  29. Lmfao

  30. Yo Dude How much you want for that bad ass ower there 🙂

  31. i think its fake because they are not passing other cars that fast, I have driven over 200km/h (125mph+) and when you pass car, its like they are not moving

  32. is this boba motoring golf?

  33. Je li realno? Hahaha

  34. Hi 350Z Bro´s!
    If you love Nissan 240Z 300ZX 350Z 370Z please check out my Channel. Regular new Videos about Z, car meets and German Autobahn madness.

  35. Boj ne bije svijetlo oružije, već boj bije srce u junaka!

  36. Thats my style. Wow!

  37. this just warms a MK1 owner’s heart LOL

  38. Golf’s plate should read

  39. You can hear clearly that the Nissan didn’t explore the maximum potencial of the car.

  40. The Golf is all like "Deal with it"

  41. They see me rolling they hating watch my sleeper pass you watch my sleeper pass you

  42. Lol really no car in the planet can beat a well built Rabbit. Period.

  43. Audi turbo V6 with quattro. This motor was intended to carry heavier weight. Try about 450 lbs more. Lol my Rabbit Gti is light as hell.

  44. This made my day 😀

  45. Why that Comic Sans? 🙁

  46. Citroën Saxo 100% overtake them faster 😀

  47. His girlfriend was alone in home 😀

  48. Learn how to hold a steering wheel you dense fuck!

  49. best 38 seconds of that golf’s life

  50. fucking rekt

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