Nitrous Hayabusa vs BMW s1000rr drag racing 2010

Quick Note: Motorcycle drag bikes are small and fast, and difficult to film. Try it sometime before you comment please that’s all I ask. This was literally the second motorcycle drag racing event I ever filmed and it sucks I am the first to admit. Of course it worked out this one has gotten so popular, but please check out my later and new videos I have gotten much better having now filmed hundreds of bikes and I use a better camera, thanks.

Hayabusa vs BMW S 1000 RR drag race, Sonny in the close lane running an 8.9 on the nitrous Hayabusa vs Brock on the gold BMW in the far lane making a 9.3 pass on a pro tree at Kilkare drag strip during the “No Hatin” In Dayton motorcycle drag racing event summer of 2010.

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  1. Putting up that box advert up as they start right over the bikes – WANKER

  2. Before you can be good at something, you have to be bad at it first! Don’t listen to the negative comments!

  3. The Japanese people’s are the "masters of the bikes".

  4. This has amenticedused me. I also make pretty ptetty viteo. Plz lewk @ meh.

  5. americans r stupud

  6. but in 1000cc bikes,S1 is the fastest.

  7. HayaaaaBusaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! ! ! ! ! Nice Race ! Rip Dad ! <3

  8. stock against stock the bmw is faster

  9. Suzuki hayabusa

  10. you just got fucking smoked

  11. que que isso por isso e a mas rápida do mundo

  12. Best is japan engenering then european then American period

  13. i can’t believe this shitty cameraman got 4.4m views!!!

  14. pwoli

  15. hayabusa just like buggati.. faster and ugliest ever

  16. สํารอง ประคองคู่

    who is win

  17. hayabusa wins. because its nitrous and modified!!

  18. thumbs down for stupid caption

  19. suzuki engine is the best

  20. Hayabuza Toopp

  21. pwoli

  22. Why does this video have 3 million views??????????????????  Absolutely nothing interesting or special about it?

  23. I kinda like my Hayabusa. I am just an average Joe that was looking for a new bike or rather different as I ride Harley’s. I tried on a lot of bikes Yam, Hon, BMW, Kaw and stopped at the Hayabusa. I had no idea it was a crotch canon until I rode the thing! I bought it because it fit me right which is important because I like doing long rides usually around 400 miles or so. Although I wish it was a bit heavier for smoothness, I was satisfied. I It figured being a great cruiser and it is. A friend of mine and I took off for Vegas at about midnight and from where I live it’s about 350 miles of mainly open desert roads. I was impressed with the handling and smoothness as we cruised about 80 MPH. I don’t ride it that much, it’s a 2014 with only 2700 miles on it but it has a nice home and I did get her up to 115MPH one time. My friends laugh and tell me it will do over 200MPH and I believe it because it feels like it’s just yawning with me aboard. I don’t have the berries to even get close to top speed nor will I ever. She has a nice warm home in the garage and we get along just fine…..

  24. looks like he has shoes on hahaha

  25. 6

  26. Some people are going to hate but what ever, their opinion means nothing

  27. susuki ..yeeessssss

  28. I think the camera man was harassed by a wasp.

  29. Nitrous Hayabusa destroy all 😉  even the rider XD

  30. Suzuki is awesmeeeeeeee

  31. Was the Hayabusa modified ?

  32. tomou um pau da hayabusa

  33. Hayabusa = King of road.. !!! those who complain abt luks of bike better go and get a ladies scooter..!!!:D 

  34. 0:49 gotta love it.

  35. He fAst

  36. Busa is best bike

  37. quien gano?

  38. get that fat fucker with the camera out if the way

  39. the zx14 is hell of ugly the front looks like 🤔 a pregnant fish on steroids i have an 09 zx10R i think the 10 is a way better looking bike.

  40. hayabusa stiill king of bike

  41. Suzuki is the best of all. Nothing comes close so sorry for Suzuki haters. You clearly have no clue if you really think they suck.

  42. now go againts "darg cars"

  43. get that pig out of the way

  44. hybusa is unbeatable

  45. i3hso

  46. Tengo una suzuki 750 son las mejores motos son ver gas los nipones los mejores del mundo

  47. People only see the beauty of the bike from the outside,I see the beauty of engine it has,I don’t care if it looks ugly all I care what engine it has 1300

  48. It’s amazing to see those 125CC two strokes bikes in thailand does 10 sec. All these power and tech still 9 sec. Lame.

  49. The Hayabusa is the king of the road. That is, until the road curves. Then it’s the king of the 6pm news.

  50. detona hyabusa

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