NÜRBURGRING Nordschleife Onboard – Farfus | Shell BMW M4 DTM

Diese Runde ist wirklich einzigartig! Erlebt den unglaublichen Ritt von Augusto Farfus im Shell Motorsport BMW M4 DTM über die Nordschleife im Rahmen der helixheartbeat Challenge! Gefilmt von seiner Helmkamera. Viel rasanter geht´s kaum…

This lap is really unique. Experience the unbelievable ride of Augusto Farfus with his Shell BMW Motorsport M4 DTM through the Green Hell at the helixheartbeat challenge!

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  1. Einfach nur Total Krank der Ride!!!! MEGA

  2. almost looks like a scene out of Hardcore Henry!

  3. My dear god!!

  4. La vache, ca envoi du gros couscous !

  5. why they are so happy?

  6. Just put soft slicks on 918 spyder and give it to that guy, who drove Alfa Giulia for a record…

  7. wtf 5 gopro

  8. whatever he said I agree good lap

  9. shaking the green hell !!! #NinhoMonster !!!!

  10. Wow, amazing, like it! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Sick!

  12. My names ninoooo… wait, wrong channel.

  13. I bet this car is as fast if not faster than LMP2 cars

  14. Fast! Although this is not a race!

  15. And another record is broken…
    … max number of dash cams in a car.

  16. Talk about a lullaby..

  17. Вот это крутой видос. Побольше бы таких, с видом от первого лица.

  18. most expensive bmw ever – makes crap footage and viewers sick – go no money for a proper stabilized camera gimbal or post stabilization – thumbs down

  19. they need a vr for this

  20. In Honor of Stefan Bellof RIP

  21. Where is the fu#@$ wheel? kkkkkkkk ninõoo

  22. Amazing Driver!

  23. It’s sad and shows the state of DTM that it takes a non-championship sponsor-event to see the cars at really high speeds on a proper circuit, get onboard-footage longer than 10 seconds and with the camera looking forward.
    What this video also shows is that DTM-cars with their huge downforce are really underpowered especially on a big circuit like the full Nürburgring.

  24. Wow the sound out of the car stereo speakers is amazing!! *sarcasm* BMW bring back real sound, stuff your engine noise piped through the speakers! So sad

  25. Könnt ihr beim nächsten mal Spot Meter bei der GoPro einstellen, so sieht man immer die strecke. (Nur ein Tipp)

  26. Awesome Nino flying through the green hell

  27. DTM is not that fast, compare to GT3, for this type of bumpy tracks. Very short suspension travel, and bumpy surface means it cannot be driven to limit in many areas of this track as ground effect diminishes greatly if vehicle heaves too much. On a perfect track it would be so obviously faster than GT3.
    Still, nice that a team brought a DTM onto the Ring. It is very damaging to such racing vehicle.

  28. у нас так в Кривом Роге маршрутки ездят

  29. is this the only video? this helmet cam is too shaky

  30. it would be interesting to see him do this on a full nordschleife lap instead of bridge to gantry, and without a passenger. this car would easily beat the 6:11 lap record.



  33. Ist Matthias Malmedie der auf dem rechten seite?

  34. Way better than any space ship!

  35. The DTM has to come back 😀

  36. Вот это понимаю гонка, а не какая-то поповозка ) Интересно какой рекорд способна поставить без балласта.

  37. LOL This thing is not M4 at all. It’s just an M4-look-alike

  38. insane skills

  39. oh ma gaaaad this sound! ! 😍😍

  40. This video just proofs modern LMPs would rape bellofs record a DTM car with extra weight not even put to its limits is flying around the ring

  41. The Nurburgring is my least favorite track.

  42. DTM cars are sick

  43. Maybe its just me but that combo of straight cut gear wine and sequential transmission is straight up in the "noise of the gods" category for me! Love it! Especially when the car hits bumps and there is like a vibration in the sound. I would buy a CD just with that and nothing else …

  44. why does his rev display have blue flashing lights blinking all the time?

  45. This is just amazing. Thanks for posting!
    I compared this to the Porsche 918 Spyder Record by Mark Lieb (6’57 for full lap of 20.832 km), starting at the old start/finish. From there to the gantry, Farfus has a lead of approximately 22 seconds.
    Assuming that the 918 reaches significantly higher top speed on the straight (Döttinger Höhe), but loses part of it at Hohenrain, he would have finished the full lap well under 6.40 which is insanely fast but surprisingly nowhere near the all-time record of Stefan Bellof.

  46. nice

  47. Anyone who doesn’t know the Nordschleife intimately by now should be driven into the sea and drowned…then we could just grow crops,mate with the women and do this all day…
    Heaven is a place on Earth…

  48. i always wondered where the high pitched noise is coming from, captain?

  49. One more camera.

  50. 4:02min almost flat O.O Downforce ftw

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