NVIDIA AI Car Demonstration

In contrast to the usual approach to operating self-driving cars, we did not program any explicit object detection, mapping, path planning or control components into this car. Instead, the car learns on its own to create all necessary internal representations necessary to steer, simply by observing human drivers.

The car successfully navigates the construction site while freeing us from creating specialized detectors for cones or other objects present at the site. Similarly, the car can drive on the road that is overgrown with grass and bushes without the need to create a vegetation detection system. All it takes is about twenty example runs driven by humans at different times of the day. Learning to drive in these complex environments demonstrates new capabilities of deep neural networks.

The car also learns to generalize its driving behavior. This video includes a clip that shows a car that was trained only on California roads successfully driving itself in New Jersey .

Learn more about NVIDIA DRIVE technology:

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  1. Wish you guys brought this car to Winnipeg, during the middle of winter.

  2. What about holes in the road? How to respond to their car?

  3. Detectnology

  4. NO!!!!!

  5. But can it do it in a cold rainy night in Stoke?

  6. It’s quite impressive. Funny since I came up with what is today known as deep learning. Little known fact 🙂

  7. that is so cool

  8. เยี่ยม..สาธิตรถยนต์ไฮเทค ไร้คนขับ

  9. how can car get depth information? using stereo vision??

  10. NVIDIA K.I.T.T

  11. Monkey see, monkey do…

  12. Does anyone know the soundtrack of this video? No results on Shazam, SoundHound or MusicID.

  13. I hope women did not teach this car to drive, cos first set of lights it stops at and it will start checking its lipstick and hair….

  14. give this tech to tesla

  15. Ultimate exam for this would be to drive to country house in Russia while avoiding all road holes.

  16. My #Opel 2014 doesn`t provide GPS map updates, what selfdriving car you are talking about?

  17. sweet~:)

  18. Make cars that learn to drive by copying humans.
    Nvidia in a nutshell.

  19. They are making Wall-E come true by making computers do more work for us cuz these engineers got nothing better to do.

  20. Nvidia is the chosen partner to provide autonomous hardware for Tesla in the Next Generation.

    Just saying.


  21. But will it detect cyclists aswell? 🙂 (and brake, and let cyclists cross the street?)

  22. Nice

  23. wow…more clever than humans.

  24. Nice graphics.

  25. Women can finally feel free on the road.

  26. Does anybody know what sensors the car has? Cameras, infrared, radar, lidar?

  27. Lets see it handle some northeastern snow :^)

  28. If you teach a car to drive like a human doesn’t that defeat the purpose of avoiding accidents? Most accidents are caused by human habits that aren’t even recognized as "bad driving", like being too close to the car in front of you. Just one example: 90% of Californian drivers tail the car in front of them and make "trains". It’s not close enough to be considered "tailgating" but it is close enough to cause accidents once in a while.

  29. did they actually call it BB8 ? as in from Star Wars ? wth ? couldn’t come up with a more "original" name ?

  30. Is it really legal to bring this on the road wtf ??

  31. I like how they used an MKZ in the video. That car needs more love.

  32. The first 80% of "confidence" are relative easy,
    the last 3% of "confidence" will take aprx. 100 yrs, if at all.

  33. на радиоуправление машина

  34. Oh….I coulnd’t install my NVIDIA graphics card driver on my linux….

  35. Oh….I coulnd’t install my NVIDIA graphics card driver on my linux….

  36. What happens if there’s constructions ahead, and the 2-way traffic via a single lane is controlled by a worker holding a "Stop" or "Go" sign. Does the PX2 knows how to read?

  37. Hopefully Nvidia is not advertising with 4 sensors, when the car only has 3 and a half sensor, when sold :s

  38. I’ve been sponsoring it by buying nvidia’s video cards for more than a decade. So is it possible to teach the AI to run a tank or a plane the same way professional soldiers do?

  39. You can try this at night in Africa. People are black, no light, no road lines, no corns. Interestingly, black people can see each other. I still don’t know how.

  40. Nvidia – you are doing it all wrong! If your algorithms do not recognize explicit rules of driving self-driving car, and base only on neural-network then you do not know what your car is capable of and how it behaves in unpredictable scenarios. As a result your car can one day cause an accident and you won’t be even able to tell what was the real reason (and fix it). Neural networks has this feature that it can work perfectly and one day give catastrophic results the day after – without giving any information why. Self-driving cars, which are based purely on neural networks should never be allowed to move on the public roads – this is just a bad approach for the problem.

  41. does this mean we can cut down on police?

  42. Music please ?

  43. How does it do on snow and ice?

  44. Keep up the awesome work. I hate driving personally and can’t wait for this to come to the consumer market!
    This will be the best thing ever!!!

  45. Overclock it to get better response times

  46. Если я куплю 1080 и воткну в свой москвич он будет так же?

  47. And what about snow?:D

  48. And then drivers crash and before you see this message "driver has stopped responding but has recovered" you car is already off the cliff

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