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  1. They should have got Queen’s pimp ride "the Rolls-Royce" out

  2. No he is mixed.

  3. It needs a tiny tweak and its called 4 WHEEL DRIVE!

  4. Make ur car lower mr president…have a nice stance

  5. >President of the United States
    >First car is a German-made BMW

  6. perfect time right there to take down terrorist insane obama,,, wake up..

  7. The US Embassy is off road.

  8. "You guys, don’t get out. Don’t leave me here Obama self."

  9. American cars just don’t work in Europe…

  10. lol it can survive a hail of grenades but a bump in the road is its alkalies heel

  11. Because he is so full of crap 😀

  12. Get some rednecks and their apparatus to get da limo da heck out!

  13. Wow! President Bush administration 2005 "BEAST" LIMOUSINE [WIKI & GOOGLE SEARCH] getting stuck President Obama not even in it? LOL!

  14. 糞ワロタwww

  15. that why they should get the president a armored escalade am i right or am i right?

  16. Where is my sniper.?..:-P

  17. @Pak tiger HAha lol I’m sure he was lmao

  18. こんなこともあるんだね…

  19. You spent how much modifying the car? And it problems going over curbs??

  20. Haha and they call it the beast

  21. The fact Obama is still breathing air is proof all American Military has been neutered.

  22. If Obama had his PERSONAL limousine, his 30" spinning rims would’ve cleared that incline with no issue.

  23. american cars are great…to look at, but not to drive one, because as soon you hit the road….well then you hit the road and get stuck! Obama should have take the bmw, and trow some 24ich rims under it, and have 4 flatscreens and a soundsystem.
    "they see me rollin, they hatin….." tryin to catch me rid’n and get stuck, tryin to catch me rid’n and get stuck"

  24. Piss funny.

  25. Ο Ορέστης με έφερε και εδώ

  26. Bienvenue en Europe ! ^^

  27. Aside from the fact that the engineers behind this limo hadn’t thought of hydraulic lifts, anyone else paid attention to the sound of steel when the bottom of the car hit the bump? Sounded like a thousand tonnes of steel. Now that’s a really armored car!

  28. Ça a fait hurler de rire la France entière !
    C’est passé à tous les journaux télévisés du soir !

  29. すでに先頭車のBMWが軽く腹擦ってるw

  30. Whats now, Mr. President? Hell, call the ADAC!! lol

  31. Rofl…… its funny…

  32. I thought he rode in SUVs

  33. They thought they made an invincible car, but they forgot to put a hydraulic suspension to raise the car. Dammnit!

  34. GG Cadillac.

  35. Sadly, Der Obamagruppenfuhrere’s nappy headed was not between the bottom of the vehicle and the ramp, so as to protect the bottom of the U.S.taxpayer’s investment.
    The vehicle is worth far more than that useless piece of excrement’s empty noggin !

  36. Weird,.the Tractor’s always seem to get over it….

  37. German style baby.

  38. If I was the first black president, even a small mishap like this would scare the living shit out of me.

  39. キン!

  40. Obama’s black right?
    why didnt they just pump up the hydraulics?

  41. shoot now !!

  42. Can you stance… 😀

  43. best bmw commercial ever

  44. 乗ってた人が重(おっと誰か来たようだ

  45. Kept expecting to see some tactical maneuver. Reverse, drive, then Floor it. Back up. Have the rear car ram you forward…. Something!

  46. Loooooooooooooooooool hehehehehehehhe

  47. Bahahahahahahahaahaha!

  48. that car is heavy… cuz of all the safety features… I’d be freaked if I was secret service, because of it was right when they were leaving and slightly vulnerable. (or maybe cuz I just watched Olympus has fallen)

  49. lol. next time use a real car, like a S Class. It has air suspension for situations like this. 

  50. All my friends, know the low rider.

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