Old Spice | Rocket Car | #smellegendary

People say there’s no limit to how many videos you can watch with your eyeballs. But thanks to this new Odor Blocker Internet video, we think we just found it. Five million and eleven. Yes, that seems to be the point at which they melt and leave you to type comments like Old Spaaaadagoooollahhgaaaaaaaaabaaaaanflqweflqw;len;lqwenflkqwnefwqelnkoldspicefwenfklwneflnwqelkfnwefn! !!!!!! Kefbkjwbefwebfewflboldspicewefl!!!!!!!!.

Limits, do they even exist?
Or is it just a made up word to destroy our dreams?
Thanks to new Odor Blocker
The most powerful Old Spice antiperspirant in the world.
I was free of sweat’s tyrannical rule over my body.
And push myself even further.
Should I stop?
Should I have listened to all the critics?
Should I have taken even a basic ground level engineering course of some type?
Yes, I should have
But the most valuable lesson I have ever learned..
Is that if you fill your brain with knowledge..
Then there won’t be any room for dreams.
And my dream is to take the wheel and drive.

Boy: Wow
Woman: Wow
Driver: Wow

♫ Old Spice whistle ♫

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  1. the quality look awesome even thought i watch it on 240p

  2. wow!

  3. The description probably has me laughing even harder than the actual commercial itself. Especially the final part. Boy: wow. Woman: wow. Driver: wow.

  4. wow

  5. Wow…

  6. I certainly wish you had benefitted from taking my ground level engineering course.

  7. This comercial isn’t about old spice. It’s about a non convergent Cauchy sequence. Hope somebody gets the joke! Completeness guys completeness!

  8. I would do anything to get high with this guy.

  9. wow

  10. me hize la paja

  11. Mj

  12. Wow…

  13. Look up my film "Driven" by Michael Z Huber, wonder where they got the idea for this! Plagiarism folks…

  14. one of the best !

  15. Speed

  16. I have a text to write on this xD

  17. So basicly old spice will make anyman as strong as a nokia?

  18. I’m a sucker for Stinson

  19. That description.

  20. When ads pop up in search results.

  21. "The limit does not exist…"

  22. Bloodhound

  23. Ellen check out Jack van somer video come out to play it was just released just a few weeks ago I’m sure you will appreciate it.

  24. Knawledge!

  25. What the heck?!

  26. Woah.

  27. Knowledge

  28. ну и говно ты, олд спайс! !!

  29. Take my money!

  30. There was to much power

  31. Your Jesus:To be Christian means allowing Me to guide you

    By rising from the dead, my Son destroyed death. Death no longer has power over you, if you so desire. The life, which has been given to you, will soon change, as there will be only one Life in God.
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  32. This commercial was fucking epic lol.

  33. best part of this guys commercials is, who ever is writing for it puts some real deep shit in here. Still its very funny. Well played.

  34. Bring this guy back and have the same writers work on it. Truly Smellgendary.

  35. Now THAT is funny!

  36. Hilarious 😂

  37. Battlestar Galactica Viper anyone?

  38. And here I was thinking this had something to do with Barney Stinson…

  39. The limit does not exist

  40. I wish they used this actor more.

  41. But the deodorant, is it reallly good or all that just a bluff

  42. If u r not using Barney Stinson then this is a fraud just to get our attention

  43. Wow

  44. fuck you !

  45. plz buddy me
    at bkillm

  46. now this is a commercial. too bad Old Spice doesnt work for shit for me. in 3 hours i can smell B.O.

  47. "but if you fill your brain with knowledge huh… then there won’t be any space for dreams "

  48. Better than the stupid screaming black dude.

  49. Old Spice is no longer just a brand of American grooming products, no, Old Spice has become more, it has evolved, become sentient, taken control of it’s own consciousness and become… pure.. art… This is no mere advertisement for an antiperspirant, this is a metaphor for the fundamental structure of our very reality and how it paradoxically relates to the core of our existance and our collective consciousness as a whole. They aren’t just selling us a fix for sweating in the heat, but rather, they are selling the secrets to unlocking god tier weapons in the game of life. Ascend with me brothers! Ye Old Spice awaits us with open arms! and his pits are fresh, so fresh, even Tony Freschetta couldn’t compete! Let us together reach our enlightened potential with the odor blocking power of Old Spice!

  50. 0:40 are product is bad dont think

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