PlastiDip a WHOLE CAR – How-to by

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Fonzie from DYC shows you how to plasti dip your entire car. Step by step instructions using the Pro Car Kit. Smooth finish, easy masking, all help included. Matte black audi s4 with glossifier on the wheels

PlastiDIp is 100% removable, long lasting, and has zero affect on the car’s OEM paint and clear coat.

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  1. sacks is very good

  2. Is that Sherwin Williams paint? /s

  3. i have it on my 1971 c10 for about 2 years in the sun and very minor fade but still looks good

  4. who else is watching in 2017 and also I just realized that this was uploaded in 2012 wow

  5. "you wanna hit it from the back." well said fonzy.

  6. Should I wash the car before u plasti dip the car? If u do how long should u wait for paint

  7. thanks now i know how to make my moms mini-van look sick!

  8. So you paint your car with the wagner system, did you use nitro ?

  9. Instructions not clear enough, got plastidip in my pee hole.

  10. how are u doing door sills and insides

  11. why is he ducking his car up

  12. why did they stop the video there??? I want to see this finished car in the sun for a few minutes and see how it looks.  I’m really thinking of plasti dipping my car matte black.

  13. Love it. Thumbs up.

  14. I like to hit it from the back

  15. love how much techniques has changed. the amount of prep vs this is huge. just wondering if you would still recommend this method with less prep and will i be able to get same results?

  16. How about clear coating it?

  17. Nice video
    Is this electric spray gun or its type connected with air compressor ?

  18. better use a wrap.

  19. i want to do this to my car but i have some deep scratches.. quoted me alot to fix them and i rather do this. will this cover up deep scratches ??

  20. Nice video!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hi fonzy i wanted to say that you’re making a fantastic job on DipYourCar congrats man!!
    I also had a question, if i platsi dip my car, can i still clean it using my regular pressure washer or i will have to invest in some specific products?

  22. 24:56 holy shit is that a dent??

  23. (Hit it form the back) what she said

  24. goed

  25. you have to utilize the word utilize


  27. shit

  28. do u ship to the uk

  29. I hate how you paint

  30. He sure don’t know what a even coat is,

  31. hey y con esa maquina se puede pintar carros ,,,el compresor tira mucho aire y la pistola tira fino?

  32. so much dust probely got on the paint

  33. how long in between each coat? 30 mins/ea?

  34. was it car of your neighbour? ))

  35. How many gallons do you use for a 2002 mustang?

  36. Bro can me plz when u put paint in gun did u add any thing else like thiner

  37. how much Liter did you need?

  38. hi

  39. How many gallons to paint that car? i have a suzuki esteem wagon and was curious on how much to get. thank you

  40. wanting to do this to my 1996 honda civic

  41. No mask?

  42. just wondering why you didn’t cover the headlights

  43. have you used the Wagner W550? Or does it have to be specifically that gun?

    the wagner dpuble duty isnt sold here in Sydney…i would like to find substitute.

  44. Hát nem vagy százas, ezt meglátná valaki szaki bezárna….

  45. is this a electrical gun? and how resistant is this plastidip stuff ? i thinking about painting bike parts with it…

  46. how does plasti dip hold after a couple months to years? does it get that faded dull look anybody know?

  47. πολύ πρόχειρο 🤐….στο δρόμο ρε φίλε….🖓

  48. how Many galons of plastidip u use in that car ?

  49. I know this is an old video. but y did u guys change from this spray gun to the new one sold on ur website

  50. About how long did this take?

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