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  1. bike are only as good and the rider.

  2. american traffic police are a joke. the rest of the world laughs at them

  3. you 🐓 sucker

  4. I can’t think certainly for me that there is any better job on the planet than a CHP Motorcycle Police Officer

  5. Safest, most durable dependable comfortable easy to handle motorcycle on the road.

  6. Why don’t they wear full-face helmets ??

  7. I traded my R1200RT in for a K1600GTL and I can’t for the life of me understand why the CHP and other cops don’t buy these… the K1600 is so much faster and smoother.

  8. You guys are absolutely the best they really are and they’re often times more than fair although don’t give me wrong they giving me a few tickets but in general the a.m. or the distance really really unique and in competent police officers patrol officer I don’t think police is right there I would close and in the end 

  9. Left side brakelight is out 😉 what are those bluelights on rear .. not flashing when emergency lights are on ?

  10.  .  .  .  and importantly, as a piece of kit on this bike, is the built in tube that allows them to whip out their ‘night-stick’ to enable them to ‘calm’ people down by hitting them till they ‘UNDERSTAND’ – people such as drunk people, elderly people, family pets, youngster, all women, the disabled .  .  .  and then if there’s 4-6 officers (& more on the way) with batons out, they can ‘educate’ young unarmed males who are not surrendering quick enough for their liking !
    The "Police Force" – Its all about constant revenue collection with brief out-bursts of extreme violence, to take away the boredom of their daily grind.
    Protect & Serve would be nice occasionally

  11. And this bike also has the power to get past a big rig

  12. Did the traffic enforcement officer write himself a citation for having a rear taillight out on the motorcycle?

  13. Are American cops really dumb enough to think they aren’t going to fall off sooner or later?

  14. Cops should set an example and wear more protective gear, even when it’s hot.

  15. hee hee hee. I’d be cool if they used Hayabusas like some of the other departments. I heard Oklahoma Highway Patrol has a few of those. They should go for those, they’re cheaper than the Harleys, A LOT faster than them, and is a match for most cars the Highway Patrol will encounter (though I don’t know about turning since I heard they don’t turn too good from some riders). That or go for kawasaki ninja zx-14r. 

  16. Officer Gomez. Do you know Officers Baker or Ponch ??? How about Grossman? ? ?? lol your in ,in my book one of thee best Law Enforcement agencies if not the best hands down in the U.S. But for cities department Police Departments my hats off to my home town N.Y.P.D. best of the best city Police Departments ever and Period.

  17. I’m gonna get marry with one hot motorcycle cop one of these days

  18. can someone please tell me why they the police are buying foreign equipment with my tax money when so many people in this country are out of work what is wrong with a Harley are these people chip communist

  19. How come police’s motorcycle patrols change to the german brand BMW, rather than harley davidson motorcycles??

  20. henry i have two Harleys one with over 70000 miles evo motor and the other twin cam 103 inch had it up to a 100 stright as an arrow and never had one wobbling in my life and i probably have close to a million miles in my life now my question are you letting prisoners/ trustee repair your motorcycles

  21. when I see a police of these US on a BMW he looks gay and alien to me it looks to me that a metrix cop took a wrong turn from Europe and he’s trying to get back wake up America

  22. GTA V sent me here.

  23. I’ll smoke that garbage ass bike.

  24. 12 hours per day? wut???

  25. @ 1:27… what exactly is a "single sidearm" motorcycle?  I guess he meant a "single-sided swingarm"???
    I’m also a bit concerned that he thinks those bars are going to help in the event that bike is involved in a multi-vehicle collision… unless it’s a very light fender bender, those probably won’t do jack, except for maybe breaking your legs.

  26. Good For You  That You Have Your Dream Come’s True With BMW LOL

  27. Thats great,thanks for giving us the heads up about your bike,I can tell your proud of it and I think you have one of the best policing duties in the world.Good luck and keep it safe officer

  28. these bikes have a single plate dry clutch. have they stood the test CHP throw at them?

  29. great video, what miles do these get retired ? and how can i buy a retired one ?

  30. The R1200-RTP is such a beauty. Nice Bike, really love it.

  31. Can someone tell me why the police dont wear protective gear?

  32. Almost got pulled over by one of these sheep fuckers today. Luckily he pulled over the guy next to me.

  33. Why US motorcycle cops never wear protective gear?

  34. Very enjoyable viewing, from an Aussie R1200RT owner. Thank you

  35. It;s bm trouble you absolute piece of shit

  36. Great video! Well articulated and very informative. Love the R1200RT.

  37. Hhhh

  38. アメリカの白バイって半袖で乗るんけ?笑

  39. Beside of bulletproof vest, why are they not investing in protection for the rider ? As far as I’m concerned, even during Summer I’m always wearing full gear (not leather obviously, but textiles, kneepads, armored vest, etc). I completely agree policemen on motorcycles are the best in the world and this officer is very exemplar, but still, it just takes like one moment to hit the ground.

  40. Sorry, but
    I like the bike used
    on hit TV show
    " C.H.i.P.s."

  41. 2:39 they are allowed to take a motorcycle home on way to and from home they are on duty and are enforcing law providing a servies. those who like to ride motorbikes would be rich there in the united states. what a wide nation they are. no officers are allowed to ride them during off duty here in my country.

  42. We have these as Police Motorcycles in the UK. Great bike for patrolling and all-day comfort.

  43. From a guy that really appreciates what you guys/ girls do every day, day in and day out, I’m glad you pick the best brand there is. BMW .
    I respect you, I have much respect for your jobs, the professional manner you present to the public, and your love for motorcycles. SALUTE!
    HERE , in Arizona, it’s no different. DPS is awesome! CHP , DPS, what a bunch of Cool People! !! God Bless You All!!

  44. Yes of course it would be better for these cops and for their Safety for shure

  45. CHIP’S’

  46. schön dann sieht man mal wo die Motorräder so landen die man so baut

  47. ACAB on both hands.

  48. Haha I don’t think he meant to pull that ford over 😀

  49. I grew up with Poncherello and the CHiPs !! the BMW RT is the best for this job I think

  50. I call BS, if that saddle is 37-38 inches off the ground, ole boy is 7’6".

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